How big is a TTR 125?

The TTR125 comes in two different sizes that can fit a variety of riders in height. The standard TTR125 comes with a 17″ front wheel and a 14″ rear wheel with a seat height of 30.5″. The TTR125L/125LE have a 19″ front wheel and 16″ rear wheel and have a seat height of 31.7″.

How tall is a TTR 125 Big Wheel?


Length 1885 mm
Height 1085 mm
Seat Height 805 mm
Wheelbase 1270 mm
Ground Clearance 295 mm

Does DRZ125 have electric start?

The first thing to know is that the Suzuki DR-Z125L is an extraordinarily reliable motorcycle. That means there is no battery to tend to or replace, but a bike like this really needs the convenience of electric starting, which its competitors from Honda and Yamaha have.

How fast does a TTR 125 Big Wheel go?

The top speed is around 50 mph. If you want more acceleration, there are 150 big bore kits for them.

How much weight can a TTR 125 handle?

What Is The Weight Limit On A TTR 125? There really isn’t a concrete number for the max weight the bike will hold. I’m around 175 lbs myself and it carries me no problem.

Is the Yamaha TTR 125 a good bike?

The TTR 125 is a great bike for teenagers and someone just getting started with dirt biking. I got mine when I was 13 and it was the perfect size for me and it had plenty of power (I had been riding bikes for years before this). It’s not the fastest bike out there but it does make a great trail riding bike.

Does a TTR 110 have a clutch?

The 2020 TT-R110E continues to be an approachable option for kids (or adults) who wish to tackle the trails due to its low 26.4-inch seat height, accessible 110cc powerplant, and four-speed auto-clutch transmission.

Is the drz125 the same as the TTR 125 L?

Thanks! The “L” model has a front disk brake, whereas the other does not. From what I have seen the “L” does have a disc brake, but the large wheel versions have disc and the small wheel have drum. The DRZ125 is the same.

Is the TTR125 small wheel or large wheel?

I know that the TTR125 comes in a small wheel version 17/14 and a large wheel version 19/16. Is the rest of the bike the same? Is it the same frame? Could one have a small wheel version and convert it to a large wheel version by simply swaping the tires and wheels or is there more to it than that?

What does L stand for on a TTR 125?

L stands for large wheel version. The swingarms are different. The two different size wheels do not interchange on the back. When you are done with the smal wheel version, you can sell it and buy a large wheel version in the same day for about the same money. I think the W just stands for ‘Wheel’. Some people use it, others don’t.

Is there a difference between a 125 and a 125L?

Yes, all our parts will fit the 125 and 125L. The only difference between these two bikes is wheel size, front disc, rear sprocket size (51 verses 57 for the L model), and spring rates. Everything else–frame, engine, seat, tank, body work, etc. is the same.