How competitive is UBC education?

A competitive GPA usually hovers around 80%. How do you calculate GPA? For the secondary program, we will be looking at your top 18 senior-level credits in your teachable subject(s). For the elementary & middle years program, we will be looking at your most recent 60 relevant academic credits.

What is UBC known for academically?

UBC also ranked first in Canada in 10 subjects including:

  • Sports-related subjects (third overall in the world)
  • Geography (fifth in the world)
  • Mineral and mining engineering (ninth in the world)
  • Earth and marine sciences (12th in the world)
  • Agriculture and forestry (15th in the world)
  • Psychology (16th in the world)

How much do UBC professors make?

First row of the table shows that average salary of all UBC full time tenure track faculty members is $114,457.5 where minimum salary is $44,898 and maximum – $385,294. For men average salary is $118,309.6, minimum is $49,298 and maximum is $385,294.

How long is Teachers College in BC?

one to two years
Teacher education programs at B.C. universities are one to two years long. Course work and practicum experience focus on education, competence and professional conduct standards for educators in B.C.

Is UBC an elite University?

The most established and influential global rankings all consistently place UBC in the top five per cent of universities in the world.

What is a professor’s salary?

The American Association of University Professors tracks academic salaries in the United States. Based on their 2016/2017 report, the average salary for a full professor is $102,402 USD. Associate professors earn an average of $79,654 and assistant professors average $69,206.

What type of professors make the most money?

The 10 Highest-Paying Fields for College Professors

  • Political science teachers – $102,290.
  • Physics teachers – $101,110.
  • Anthropology and archaeology teachers – $95,140.
  • Environmental science teachers – $93,450.
  • Chemistry teachers – $92,650.
  • Geography teachers – $86,540.
  • Social sciences teachers – $85,390.

Can you teach in BC without certification?

You will need a Certificate of Qualification (sometimes called a teaching certificate) to be eligible to work in BC’s public schools, independent schools and First Nations schools. Under unique circumstances, educators may be granted a Letter of Permission that allows them to teach as an uncertified teacher.

What is the average to get into UBC?

Canadian universities: minimum entering grades by faculty

University Minimum entering grade: Arts Minimum entering grade: Commerce
Toronto 75-84% 83-88%
UBC 75% 84%
Western 83.5% 87.5%
Brock 70% 84%