How do I apply for AP Online Center?

Go to www. which is an official website of AP Online. Click on the link ‘Apply for AP Online Franchisee’.

What is Mee Seva services?

In Telugu MeeSeva “MeeSeva” means “at your service” (i.e. citizens’ services). MeeSeva’s mission is to provide intelligent, citizen-centered, legal, efficient, and technology-based governance.

How can I get a Teamspeak franchise online?


  1. TSTS Franchisee Portal Link.
  2. Franchisee Details. Download.
  3. Letter of Undertaking. Download.
  4. Franchisee Agreement. Download.
  5. Franchisee Renewal Agreement. Download.
  6. Digital key Application Form New.
  7. Digital Key Procedure New. Download.

How can I apply for EC in MeeSeva?

Visit the nearest Meeseva franchise and submit an application for the same in the required format for obtaining a MeeSeva Certificate. You need to provide the details of the document, year of registration and the name of SRO. Also, mention your preferred mode of delivery of the e-Encumbrance Certificate.

How can I take EC Online AP?

Through IGRS AP – Online

  1. First, go to the official website of State’s Registration and Stamps Department Official.
  2. Go to the Online EC option from the homepage.
  3. A new page will be displayed.
  4. Now click on the click here button to register yourself.
  5. Enter the details.
  6. Click on submit.
  7. Enter.

What is AP portal?

AP Portal provides secure access to suppliers to log-in and submit information such as electronic invoices & online queries through the browser.

Can we get Aadhar card in MeeSeva?

“For these people, a mechanism of retrieval of Aadhaar details and seeding of the number is made available through Mee Seva centres. They can seed their Aadhaar numbers with multiple schemes like pensions, ration card and LPG,” an official communication said.

How do I get MeeSeva permission?

Procedure for Registering New User Visit Mee Seva website home page and select Meeseva Online Portal, as shown below. Meeseva Online Portal Log in page is displayed, as shown below. Click New User Registration link as depicted below. After Selection of New User Registration, the Registration form opens as shown below.

What are the documents required for EC?

Documents Required to Get an Encumbrance Certificate Property details and its title deed details. The property sale deed/gift deed/partition deed/release deed if a deed has been executed previously. The deed number upon registration containing the date and book number along with the signature of the applicant.

How can I check my land EC online?

Step 1: Log in to Inspector General of Registration (IGRS) Tamil Nadu official website at TNREGINET Portal. Step 2: On the left-hand side of the page, you will find “E-Services” tab on the menu bar. Step 3: Put your cursor on it; it will show “Encumbrance Certificate”.

How to apply for franchise / center of MeeSeva?

In the process to apply for franchise / center of Meeseva applicants are able to make there registration online for which the official website or is providing application forms online. Step I – visit to the official website of ap online or for franchise application form.

Is there a Mee Seva franchise in Telangana?

After getting separated from Andhra Pradesh, Telangana has formed a separate state and now all the online systems are separated so the people who require information about how they can open Mee Seva franchise can now check differently. We have mentioned a brief process that will assist in starting a new Mee Seva center in the Telangana state.

Where can I apply for the Mee Seva center?

All the e-governance services are available under one roof in the Mee Seva center. The citizens who wish to start can apply by going through the official website and request online for the Mee Seva center opening.

How to apply new MeeSeva Center in Telangana and Andhra Pradesh?

How to Apply New Meeseva Center in Telangana And Andhra Pradesh – Telugupay – YouTube How to Apply New Meeseva Center in Telangana And Andhra Pradesh TelugupayLink : meeseva is the best…