How do you calculate NPV on a sharp el 733a?

To find the NPV or IRR, first clear the financial keys and then enter -800 into CFi, then enter the remaining cash flows exactly as before. For the NPV we must supply a discount rate, so enter 12 into i and then press NPV. You’ll find that the NPV is $200.17922.

How do I fix my Sharp calculator?

  1. Press the reset switch located in the small hole on the back of the calculator by inserting the tip of a ballpoint pen into the hole and pushing in.
  2. Hold the reset switch for three seconds and then release it to reset your calculator.
  3. Turn on the calculator.

What does P yr mean?

periods per year
[P/YR] Sets the number of periods per year.

What is MIRR formula?

The MIRR formula in Excel is as follows: =MIRR(cash flows, financing rate, reinvestment rate) Where: Cash Flows – Individual cash flows from each period in the series. Financing Rate – Cost of borrowing or interest expense in the event of negative cash flows.

Is the sharp el-733a a good financial calculator?

Did you know that Amazon is offering 6 months of Amazon Prime – free two-day shipping, free movies, and other benefits – to students? Click here to learn more The Sharp EL-733A is a very easy to use financial calculator that will work fine in all finance courses, but it does have some oddities not shared by other financial calculators.

Which is the best sharp financial calculator to buy?

Sharp EL-733A Financial Calculator is easy to use, better than the newer EL-738 model that requires many more steps to do the same thing and is more confusing to use. The Sharp EL-733A is one of the best financial calculators you can get and it has a 10 digit display.

How to do the el-733a cash flow calculator?

However, we can easily find the exact answer using the EL-733A calculator. Enter 9 into i, -1250 into PV, and 2500 into FV. Now press COMPNand you will see that it will take 8.04 years for your money to double. One important thing to note is that you absolutely must enter your numbers according to the cash flow sign convention.

What are the different modes of the sharp el-733a?

Initial Setup The EL-733A has three different “modes” in which it operates (Normal, FIN, and STAT). For the purposes of this tutorial, we want to be in the FIN mode. If necessary, change to the FIN mode by pressing 2ndMODEuntil FIN appears in the upper-right portion of the screen.