How do you scavenge this war of mine?


  1. Barricades on doors can be pulled apart if accessed from behind.
  2. Grated doors can be sawed through using a Saw Blade.
  3. Locked doors or containers can be picked or pried open using a Lock Pick or Crowbar, respectively.
  4. Rubble piles can be moved slowly by hand or more quickly with a Shovel.

Can two people scavenge this war of mine?

On that basis, you just run the scavenge game multiple times per night if you have more than one survivor allocated to scavenge .. you might send 3 guys out to three locations .. you just play them one after the other with the clock starting at 10pm (or whenever) on the basis that each scavenger is hitting a separate …

Can you beat this war of mine?

To beat the game, the player must survive until the ceasefire day. It takes a random predetermined number of days to reach the ceasefire day, depending upon which Group of Characters was chosen.

Can you save this war of mine?

NOTE: You can save your game at any time. However, when you restore your game it will always revert to the START of that day (even if you save during a night phase, for example). To save > ALT+TAB out of your game, go to desktop.

Are there any game tips for this war of mine?

This War Of Mine is Hard. As such, below is a compiled list of Game Tips to help you complete the game (and hopefully survive while you’re at it). Double-click with The Survivors to make them run.

How to stay alive in this war of mine?

11 bit Studios’ grueling keep-‘em-alive game, This War of Mine, isn’t for the faint-hearted. If you’re new to the party thanks to its recent release on NVIDIA SHIELD Android TV, check out our essential tips to staying alive. Make a mental note of each individual’s vices, and if they’re hungry and/or ill, make sure you cater to them.

Where do you find stolen items in War of mine?

Items are only stolen from the Our Things list. Other locations in the shelter are safe from theft, including items left in cabinets and piles from the start of the game, uncollected wood/kindling from furniture chopped with the Hatchet, uncollected items at workshops, and items which are in queue to be crafted at a workshop.

How much is War of mine for shield?

If you don’t leave in time, your lone raider risks being wounded or even killed. This War of Mine is now available for NVIDIA SHIELD Android TV on Google Play for $14.99.