How long should I leave benzac on?

Apply a thin film of BENZAC AC to the affected areas once daily, leaving on the skin for 2 hours then washing it off with water then pat skin dry.

What should you not use benzac with?

Do not use BENZAC AC with any other acne products that are used on the skin unless your doctor or pharmacist has told you that you can, as this may cause your skin to become red and sore. Avoid excessive exposure to sunlight or other sources of ultra-violet light.

Can benzoyl peroxide lighten scars?

Benzoyl peroxide is one of the many options available for treating acne. Its enduring popularity goes beyond its availability and affordability — benzoyl peroxide can help treat inflammatory acne lesions and related scarring. It’s most helpful when used together with other treatments, such as topical retinoids.

Does benzac make your skin dry?

Sadly, you’re discovering firsthand one of the biggest drawbacks of benzoyl peroxide use. Whether it’s in over-the-counter acne products or prescription acne medications, benzoyl peroxide can make your skin dry. Nearly everybody who uses it will experience some amount of dryness, flaking, and peeling.

Do you leave benzoyl peroxide gel overnight?

Don’t leave wash-off benzoyl peroxide products on your skin, as this can increase the chances of irritation and dryness. Since all benzoyl peroxide products – especially at higher concentrations – can have a drying effect on the skin, it’s a good idea to use a non-oily moisturizer after each use.

Does acne come back after benzoyl peroxide?

It is generally OK to use Benzoyl peroxide for a long time, as long as you do not have any serious side effects. When you stop using benzoyl peroxide you may find that acne comes back. You may want to keep using it to keep acne under control.

What happens when you stop using benzoyl peroxide?

When you stop using benzoyl peroxide you may find that acne comes back. You may want to keep using it to keep acne under control. You may find that using it less often, such as once every other day, is enough to control acne.

Can benzoyl peroxide ruin your skin?

Repeated sun exposure or benzoyl peroxide use generates free radicals that damage the skin’s structure and cellular DNA, resulting in premature aging of the skin.

Is too much benzoyl peroxide bad?

Using Too Much Benzoyl Peroxide You can still use this antibacterial ingredient that targets acne- and inflammation-causing bacteria. But check the dose you’re getting. Studies show that products with lower concentrations of benzoyl peroxide are just as effective as products with higher doses of the ingredient.

What can benzac AC gel be used for?

What BENZAC AC is used for. BENZAC AC is for EXTERNAL USE ONLY . BENZAC AC Gel is used as an aid for the treatment of acne. BENZAC AC Gel also contains acrylates copolymer beads that absorb excess oils and release glycerol which reduces the risk of irritation.

How long should I leave benzac gel on my Skin?

When you first start using Benzac AC treatment gels it’s recommended that for the first three days, you only leave the treatment on for a couple of hours and wash it off. This ensures that you are getting your skin used to benzoyl peroxide. After three days of no redness, you can then apply Benzac in the evening and leave it on overnight.

How does benzac 5% treatment work for acne?

Bacteria causes acne. To fight it, you’ll need a special weapon: that’s where Benzac can help. “I’ve been using the 5% treatment for over 9 months and I couldn’t be happier with how clear my skin looks. Look, my acne is gone!” “BEST PRODUCT!!! I’ve finally got my confidence back and no more pain!”

Why do I have redness on my face after using benzac?

Slight tightness or mild redness may indicate that your skin is adjusting to the active ingredients in Benzac. This is a common occurrence and may last up to two weeks. If you experience dryness while using Benzac, ensure that you are using the Benzac Daily Facial Moisturiser after applying the Benzac AC treatment gels.