How many platinum songs does Nas have?

Nas has a total of seven (7) platinum albums!

How many albums has Nas released?

The discography of Nas, an American rapper, consists of thirteen studio albums, two collaborative albums, five compilations, one extended play, and seventy-nine singles (including twelve collaboration singles and thirty-three as a featured artist).

What song is Nas known for?

6. Rewind

1 Back To The Grill MC Serch 5:03
6 Rewind Nas 2:13
7 Last Real Nigga Alive Nas 5:04
8 Thief’s Theme Nas 2:59
9 American Way (feat. Kelis) Nas, Kelis 4:09

What is MC Nas most famous album?

Let’s see where Nasir ranks among the top albums in his legendary catalog.

  • 8 | It Was Written.
  • 7 | [Untitled] / Nas.
  • 6 | The Lost Tapes.
  • 5 | Hip Hop is Dead.
  • 4 | Nasir.
  • 3 | Life is Good.
  • 2 | Stillmatic.
  • 1 | Illmatic.

Did Nas ever go diamond?

“Old Town Road” by Lil Nas X featuring Billy Ray Cyrus “Old Town Road” is the fastest song in history to be certified diamond. It received the honor on October 22, 2019, less than one year after its original release.

What song did Nas not like?

Cole received a phone call from his mentor, producer No ID. No ID told Cole that he was in the studio with Nas, and that Nas had told him that he hated the song “Work Out”. Cole was devastated upon hearing that, which made him write the tribute song to his idol, “Let Nas Down” the following year.

What is Nas best selling song?

Untitled. Nas. Peaked at #1 on 8.1

Who is Nas daily dating?

Alyne Tamir
Nas Daily

Nuseir Yassin
Alma mater Harvard University
Occupation Video blogger
Years active 2013–present
Partner(s) Alyne Tamir (2017–present)

What was the name of nas’first solo album?

From the introspective expressionism of God’s Son to the biting commentary of Untitled, Nas’ versatility is simply undeniable. Here’s an annotated list of his 10 solo CDs. Nas’ 1994 debut revealed a young hero at his most brazen.

Which is the best song by Nas of all time?

“Illmatic” accounts for many of Nas’ greatest songs. It’s such an incessantly enjoyable album that you could justifiably include all 10 songs here. One of the highlights is “One Love,” which finds Nas writing a letter to an incarcerated buddy over producer Q-Tip ‘s jazz loop.

What do you know about nas’discography?

Nas ‘ discography reveals something most of his peers would kill for: a rich variety of records that touch on diverse topics all across the board. It should be mentioned that nearly all his albums were certified platinum.

When did Nas album Hip Hop is dead come out?

The title of Nas’ eighth solo album started more conversations than the music did itself, with his “Hip Hop Is Dead” assertion jumpstarting industry-wide debates about the genre’s vitality in the mid-2000s.