How rich is Hugh Laurie?

Hugh Laurie Net Worth and Salary: Hugh Laurie is a British actor, musician, and comedian who has a net worth of $45 million.

Is Hugh Laurie in the undoing?

I’ve been doing that with “The Undoing” and “Roadkill,” starring Hugh Laurie on PBS. I love “Roadkill” with its savage take on British politics, and I have long been crazy about Laurie. But “The Undoing” is the one I needed to see first.

How much did Hugh Grant get paid for undoing?

Hugh Grant instructions a $10 million wage for his roles He will settle for half that quantity for smaller roles. While he was solely paid $100,000 for Four Weddings and a Funeral, his wage soared shortly after the movie.

Is Nicole Kidman in Roadkill?

Starting tonight, BBC One will air Roadkill, a riveting political thriller from playwright David Hare, who has previously written The Hours, starring Nicole Kidman and Meryl Streep, and The Reader – which won Kate Winslet a best actress Oscar.

How much did Hugh Laurie make per episode on House?

Network primetime salaries per episode

Name Program Salary
Lauren Graham Gilmore Girls $750,000
Alexis Bledel
Bryan Cranston Your Honor $750,000
Hugh Laurie House $700,000

Who is Nicole Kidman’s dad in The Undoing?

As Jonathan Fraser, Grant will play an acclaimed pediatric oncologist, devoted husband to Grace and doting father, whose past undergoes scrutiny when he suddenly disappears.

What time does undoing come out on Sundays?

New episodes debut Sunday nights at 9 pm ET on HBO and are also available to stream on HBO Max.

Are there only 4 episodes of Roadkill?

There are four episodes of the BBC series Roadkill in total. The fourth and final episode aired on Sunday, November 8th 2020.

How old are Hugh Grant and Hugh Laurie?

They’re both starring as TV rogues… but from the Oxbridge days to their troubled love lives, Laurie and Grant have been posh peas in a pod They’re both dashing, thoroughly middle-class and with careers that have followed very similar paths. Yes, it isn’t just a name Hugh Grant, 60, and Hugh Laurie, 61, share.

Where did Grant Lawrie play in the VFL?

Grant Lawrie (born 29 November 1958) is a former Australian rules footballer who played with Fitzroy and St Kilda in the Victorian/Australian Football League (VFL/AFL). Lawrie, who came from Bulleen-Templestowe, started his VFL career as a half forward flanker and on one occasion kicked four goals against Collingwood in his debut season.

Who are Hugh and Grant in the undoing?

The pair are currently starring in gripping TV dramas, playing decidedly dodgy characters: Grant as a murder suspect in The Undoing and Laurie as a corrupt politician in Roadkill. Here CLAUDIA CONNELL brings you a Hugh’s Hugh of the two men who have us glued to our screens, and ask… Hugh comes out on top?

Who was Hugh Laurie in sense and Sensibility?

Hugh Laurie: He first pulled on tights and knickerbockers in 1987 to play the dim-witted Prince Regent in Blackadder III. In Sense And Sensibility he played the bad-tempered Mr Palmer. Last year he appeared in The Personal History of David Copperfield playing Mr Dick, Copperfield’s eccentric guardian.