Is 2013 a drought year?

The 2013 calendar year began with 69.3 percent of the West in moderate to exceptional drought (according to weekly USDM statistics). The percent area shrank to 62.8 percent by mid-March, expanded to 77.7 percent in August, then contracted during the fall, ending the year at 51.4 percent.

What caused the drought of 2012?

La Niña conditions were critical in suppressing precipitation for the 2011 drought, Seager said. But Hoerling and his colleagues found that natural swings in wind patterns and humidity over the Great Plains and the Gulf of Mexico were the major culprits in the 2012 drought.

Will California Drought get worse?

No change in the U.S. Drought Monitor, still a terrible state-wide drought for #California but one could argue at least it didn’t get worse. Currently, all of California is in a drought heading into the part of the year where rain becomes rare and the hottest days of summer are still likely ahead of us.

What was the worst drought in US history?

The 1930s “Dust Bowl” drought remains the most significant drought—meteorological and agricultural—in the United States’ historical record.

What caused the drought of 1988?

Land surface processes probably contributed to the severity and persistence of the drought; however, the large-scale atmospheric circulation perturbations associated with natural variations in the coupled atmosphere-ocean system in the tropical Pacific were most likely the primary cause.

Are almonds causing the drought?

Hassner said, “Nuts are the most notorious culprit. California produces 80% of the world’s almonds — 2 billion pounds a year — at a staggering cost of 2,000 gallons of water per pound of almonds. In the midst of successive droughts, California is exporting its water overseas in the form of produce,” Hassner said.

Will there be a drought in 2022?

The current drought encompassing much of western North America is the perfect seedling to troubles that will continue in 2022. Some computer forecast models are now suggesting La Niña will return late this year.

What were the 4 main reasons for the drought?

Here are the 5 natural and human causes of drought:

  • 1) Land and water temperatures cause drought.
  • 2) Air circulation and weather patterns also cause drought.
  • 3) Soil moisture levels also contribute to drought.
  • 4) Drought can also be a supply and demand of water issue.