Is attack angle OK for driver?

The attack angle, a measurement of how steep or shallow the clubhead is moving relative to the ground through impact, plays a vital role in how much distance you’re able to generate off the tee. Most amateurs fall somewhere between a -4 and -6 degrees down with the driver, which is entirely too steep.

What is a good attack angle in golf?

Parente found that hitting down on the ball at 7 degrees, which is typical of a tour pro’s attack angle, would give the average golfer 10 to 23 more carry yards with a 7-iron and 16 to 26 more total yards.

Why is my driver launch angle so high?

Losing your balance can quickly cause launch angle problems. If you keep your weight on your back foot during the downswing, the ball will typically launch higher than you would like. If you get stuck on your front foot before impact arrives, you will hit the ball lower than intended.

How do I lower my launch angle on my driver?

How to Reduce Driver Launch Angle

  1. Use a less lofted driver.
  2. Tee the ball back farther in your stance.
  3. Set up with your right shoulder higher — if you play right-handed — and your weight a bit more on your left side.
  4. Use a more rigid shaft with a higher kick point.
  5. Use a driver with a shallow face.

Is my driver launch angle too high?

If your launch angle is currently too high, you may be arriving at impact with your hands behind the position of the ball. During the downswing, work on accelerating your hands aggressively so that they pass the ball prior to the club head making contact.

Does more angle of attack always mean more lift?

The lift coefficient of a fixed-wing aircraft varies with angle of attack. Increasing angle of attack is associated with increasing lift coefficient up to the maximum lift coefficient, after which lift coefficient decreases.

What is the attack angle of a driver?

On the other hand, if you are hitting up – such as you might do with a driver – your attack angle will be upward through impact. Generally speaking, your steepest downward angle will be with your wedges, and your swings will gradually get shallower as the clubs get longer. Does Attack Angle Matter?

What’s the best angle of attack to hit?

Below we hit two drivers with a very similar swing speed, aiming to manipulate the angle of attack. The Trackman statistics show the significantly shallower angle of attack (+2.5) resulted in a far higher launch angle and an increase in carry distance of nearly 30 yards.

What is the attack angle of a golf ball?

The attack angle is a measurement of how steep or shallow your clubhead is moving through impact, and it has a direct effect on how much distance you are able to generate with the driver. Often we find most amateurs will swing too steeply into the ball, between a -4 and -6 descending blow.

How is the attack angle determined in trackman?

TrackMan Combine Averages. The standard assumption for attack angle is 0 degrees for the driver; whereas, the standard assumption for 6-iron and PW is determined based on the TrackMan Optimizer. The optimizer looks at club speed and trajectory type to determine the optimal attack angle.