Is Donatello a medieval artist?

Donatello, original name in full Donato di Niccolò di Betto Bardi, (born c. 1386, Florence [Italy]—died December 13, 1466, Florence), master of sculpture in both marble and bronze, one of the greatest of all Italian Renaissance artists.

Was Donatello a baroque?

No, Donatello was a Renaissance artist. The Baroque period came after the Renaissance. Donatello did not live long enough to see the Baroque period.

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What made Donatello work unique?

Donatello’s work was highly influenced by the revival of interest in the sciences, mathematics, and architecture that was taking place in Florence. This included the use of one point perspective to create a new kind of bas-relief for architectural works and a precise anatomical correctness for his figures.

Is rebirth Baroque or renaissance?

The French word renaissance is translated as “rebirth” and is described by many as one of the most significant intellectual movements of our history. Whereas the Baroque period is described by many as a time of intense drama, tension, exuberance, and grandeur in art.

Who taught Donatello?

Lorenzo Ghiberti
It was here that Donatello probably first received artistic training from a local goldsmith. He learned metallurgy and the fabrication of metals and other substances. In 1403, he apprenticed with Florence metalsmith and sculptor Lorenzo Ghiberti.

What was the date of Donatello’s death?

Date of Death: Donatello died on December 13, 1466 Accomplishments or why Donatello was famous: Italian sculptor of the early Renaissance period. The most famous works of art by Donatello include David, Mary Magdalene, Madonna, Salome, Zuccone, St. Mark, St. John the Evangelist and St. George and the Dragon

What are some famous works of art by Donatello?

Famous works of art and sculptures by Donatello include David, Mary Magdalene and Madonna The following biography information provides basic facts and information about the key dates and events in the life of Donatello who was famous as a great Italian Medieval sculptor of the early Renaissance.

Why was Donatello important to the Middle Ages?

The story and biography of this great artist and sculptor contains interesting information, facts & the history about the life of this Medieval person of historical importance. Donatello was greatly occupied with statuary work. Statuary was greatly admired by the Romans who created statues commemorating famous people or events.

Who was the sculptor Donatello di Betto Bardi?

#1 He apprenticed with prominent Florentine sculptor Lorenzo Ghiberti. Donatello was born Donato di Niccolo di Betto Bardi in Florence, Italy. Though the exact date of his birth is not known with certainty, he was most likely born in 1386. Donatello was the son of Niccolò di Betto Bardi, a Florentine wool carder, and his wife Orsa Bardi.