Is Genki desu formal?

This is a formal and semi-formal greeting and can be used any time after meeting someone new, whether it be colleagues, neighbours, acquaintances, etc. Example: A: O-genki desu ka. B: Hai, genki desu.

What is Kimochi desu?

it feels good/feeling.

What does Ogenki desu ka?

O genki desu ka is a phrase in Japanese that means “How are you?” In many Japanese learning textbooks – お元気ですか is one of the first phrases that you will learn.

What is Genki desu in English?

So what is 元気ですか Genki desu ka(げんきですか)? So what is “genki desu ka(げんきですか)”? Well, most people equate this to the English meaning “how are you”. In Japanese 元気ですか is asking you specifically if you are “Genki”. Now Genki means “lively; full of spirit; energetic; vigorous; vital; spirited​” in Japanese.

What Does Ang Kimochi mean?

kimotti/기모띠 comes from the japanese expression kimochi, which means „it feels good“, or „to feel good“ ang/앙 is just „ah“ with an ㅇ at the end to make it sound more cute lol so its basically like „ah it feels good“, which is often used in japanese pornography… its just dirty slant.

What does Ogenkide mean?

Be Well
Ogenkide. The direct translation is “Be Well”. You use this phrase to say “be well until I see you next time.” or “be well even if I don see you.”

How do you say my name is in Japanese male?

  1. わたし の なまえ は ユビヌ です
  2. watashi no namae wa yubinu desu.
  3. my name is Hubinou.

Is Genki Sushi from Japan?

Genki Sushi is a chain of conveyor belt sushi restaurants established in 1990 in Japan. The chain expanded to include locations in Japan, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Singapore, Kuwait, the Philippines, China, Australia, Cambodia, Myanmar and the United States, including, California, Hawaii and Washington.

What does ” oikutsu desu ka ” mean in Japanese?

“Oikutsu” is an honorific or polite expression for “ikutsu”. “Ikutsu” means “how many”. It is literally used to ask how many. However, especially when you are asked “Oikutsu desu ka?”, then you are asked your age. These questions are simply to ask someone their age in Japanese.

What does Daijoubu mean in hiragana and katakana?

daijoubu in Hiragana: だいじょうぶ, in Katakana: ダイジョウブ. Romajidesu features powerful but easy-to-use tools for Japanese learners.

What does WA and desu mean in Japanese?

Japanese Grammar: WA and DESU (は and です) Romaji literally means “Roman letters” in Japanese, which you know as the alphabet. While the Japanese writing system consists of it’s own characters “Hiragana” and “Katakana”, it is possible for a beginner to start practicing full sentences right away without being distracted by a new syllabary.

Can you Paste hiragana or katakana into romajidesu?

For such cases, paste the converted Hiragana or Katakana into the RomajiDesu’s Japanese Translator where the sentence is analyzed into basic element as well.