Is it correct to say at your earliest convenience?

I think that a polite to neutral way to express the same concept is: as soon as possible, often written as (ASAP). The phrase “at my earliest convenience” isn’t inherently impolite. It is, however, somewhat ambiguous, and may be used politely, indifferently, or rudely.

How do you say call me at your earliest convenience?

If you use the phrase “at MY earliest convenience,” on your voicemail GREETING, you are telling your callers that you will call them back “at MY earliest CONVENIENCE.” That means you’ve said to them in effect… “I’ll call you back when it’s CONVENIENT for ME.” “When I’m good and ready.” “Whenever I feel like it.”

What is at your earliest convenience mean?

DEFINITIONS1. as soon as someone is able to do something. Please call me back at your earliest convenience. Synonyms and related words. Soon and as soon as possible.

Is it correct to say at your convenience?

No, saying “at your convenience” is generally understood to be a polite way of saying that you recognize that the other person is very busy, and so asking them to choose a time for a meeting instead of you selecting a time.

How do you say as soon as possible in polite way?

‘As Soon As Possible’ Synonyms

  1. “… by [date and time] because [reason]”
  2. “When you have a chance [in the next day, before tomorrow, this week]”
  3. “I apologize for the urgency, but could you please [do X, send me Y, complete Z] at your soonest possible convenience?”
  4. “EOD”

Could you please get back to me at your earliest convenience?

The usual formula is, “Please get back to me at your earliest convenience.” I’d never heard it turned on its head before. “Your convenience” conveys the thought that that the originator of the message wants to hear from the other person as soon as that person is able to spare the time.

What is the earliest convenience?

at someone’s earliest convenience as soon as it is possible for someone to do something. (This is also a polite way of saying immediately.) Please stop by my office at your earliest convenience.

How do you say at your convenience?

“I am confident that I possess all the necessary qualifications for the position and am ready to meet with you at your convenience.”…What is another word for at your convenience?

at your leisure when convenient
at a convenient time in due course
in your own time whenever you like
when it suits you when you can
at a suitable time in a spare moment

How do you use convenience in a sentence?

In this resort you can enjoy all the comfort and convenience of modern tourism.

  1. The house has every modern convenience.
  2. Ready meals sell well because of their convenience.
  3. The position of the house combines quietness and convenience.
  4. We bought this house for its convenience.
  5. I rely too much on convenience food.

What is a nicer way to say ASAP?

As soon as possible
Alternatives to ASAP Consider these alternatives: As soon as possible, or _____. Use this to say that something’s urgent, but can wait until a specific deadline if necessary. “As soon as possible, or no later than end-of-day Friday.”

What does ” I will get back to you at my earliest convenience ” mean?

To those of you that don’t get it, “I will get back to you at my earliest convenience” as a voice mail message MEANS that you will do it when you choose. The correct turn of the phrase is when a caller says “get back to me at YOUR earliest convenience.”

Do you say ” I’ll call at my earliest convenience “?

Saying you’ll return someone’s email or call at your earliest convenience sounds impolite. Yes, you mean that you’ll get back to the person who’s contacted you as soon as you can, but what the recipient hears is something more like, “I’ll get back to you when (and maybe if ) it’s convenient for me.”

Is the phrase’at your earliest convenience’polite?

At your earliest convenience is, as Tim says, a common idiom that I consider quite polite, if for no other reason than “at your convenience” is hardly ever used outside of this idiom, so it seems formal and the formal sense is polite.

What’s the alternative to ” at your earliest convenience “?

Alternatives to saying “At your earliest convenience”. “As quickly as possible”. There are some individuals that believe requests that include “As quickly as possible” can come across as impolite. However, “As soon as possible”. “At the earliest opportunity”.