Is Optix an acrylic?

Crystal clear, impact- and weather-resistant, OPTIX is a continuously processed, high quality acrylic sheet. High molecular weight makes OPTIX ideal for almost any type of fabrication or glazing, while special UV stabilization protects the sheet from yellowing.

Is Optix the same as plexiglass?

OPTIX Clear Acrylic Sheets are a lightweight, durable, transparent material, often used as a replacement glass in many applications. Clear acrylic sheets are clear plastic sometimes known as plexiglass sheet.

Can you get custom cut acrylic at Home Depot?

Home Depot does not offer plexiglass cutting. If you inquire very politely and on a slow day/time (7–9am is recommended) you may find someone in Millworks/Tool Rental/Building Materials able to assist. Home Depot does not offer plexiglass cutting.

Who makes OptiX acrylic?

PLASKOLITE produces OPTIX standard grade acrylic and DURAPLEX, which has an impact modi- fier blended with the acrylic resin. Acrylic sheet is available with a smooth, nonglare or patterned sur- face, in clear, translucent, and transparent colors. Supplied thicknesses range from .

What’s the best thing to cut plexiglass with?

To cut plexiglass, a circular or table saw that has carbide-tipped teeth is the best tool.

Can you drill holes in Optix acrylic sheet?

You can use a standard steel drill or an HSS drill to create your holes. If the drill bit is new, wear it in a little on a scrap piece of wood so that there is no risk of the sharpness tearing the acrylic.

How to get an Optix clear acrylic sheet?

Call 800-848-9124 for complete warranty details. Clear Acrylic Sheet – .118 Inch x 24 Inch x 48 Inch OPTIX acrylic sheet is a lightweight, impact resistant, transparent material that is a great replacement for glass in many applications.

What can Optix 18 used for?

Its higher impact strength makes it a great glass replacement for applications such as garage door windows, storm windows, and other glazing needs. It lends itself to uses around the home such as hobby and craft projects, shelf lining, cabinet fronts, window boxes, and many other do-it-yourself projects.

What can you use acrylic sheet for at Home Depot?

Hello, this material is as clear as glass and can be used as window replacement. Home Depot cannot cut down in store, you can order it cut to size through their special order program, or you can purchase a plastic cutter online Model # GE-41, thank you. 7 out of 7 found this answer helpful. I used my acrylic sheet for framing a large photograph.

When to use a 48 in 96 acrylic sheet?

This item may not be available for pickup until tomorrow. Replace glass with the 48 in. x 96 in. Acrylic Sheet when you need a highly durable, transparent surface. This lightweight acrylic sheet is ideal for applications such as window replacement, shelf lining, desktop protection and cabinet fronts.