Is the ferry running to Provincetown?

ProvincetownFast Ferry® Provincetown Ferry Service is sailing as scheduled.

How much does it cost to take the ferry from Boston to Provincetown?


ADULT $61 – $64* $90 – $96*
CHILD (3-12) $41 – $44* $67 – $73*
BABIES (under 3) $25 $35
SENIOR (65+) $57 – $60* $80 – $86*

How many ferries go from Boston to Provincetown?

The ferry schedule for this ferry route has up to 18 ferries running per week, provided by 1 ferry operator, so there is not one single ferry timetable available here.

Does the Provincetown ferry run year round?

Boston-Provincetown Ferry Daily, seasonal passenger ferry service from Boston to Provincetown. Crossing take about one and one-half hours. Season is May to October.

Which is better Cape Cod or Maine?

If you want laid back and relaxing, then Cape Cod is probably the right choice for you. Lots of beaches, some antique shops, and quaint little towns. Maine is more “rugged” in terms of coastline – more like Scotland. More spread out, less touristy.

Do you need a car in Provincetown?

If you plan to spend your entire vacation in Provincetown, you don’t need a car, because everything is within walking or biking distance. And because parking is a hassle in this tiny town, consider leaving your car at home and taking a boat from Boston or Plymouth.

What do you wear to P Town?

Nice shirt, jacket, or dress. There are plenty of beautiful restaurants in Ptown — Victor’s and The Red Inn, come to mind — where a t-shirt just won’t do. Or just buy a new one at Item, a clothing store on Commercial Street.

How walkable is Provincetown?

Provincetown is Walkable Once downtown, you can reach most of the in-town attractions in a matter of minutes on foot, although you’ll probably want to find transportation when heading to Race Point Lighthouse or one of the surrounding beaches.