What are common female Chinese names?

What are some Chinese female names?

  • Ai – lovable.
  • Ah Lam – peace.
  • Baozhai – precious hairpin.
  • Chu Hua – chrysanthemum.
  • Chyou – autumn.
  • Daiyu – black jade.
  • Fen – scent.
  • Ju – daisy.

What is the most popular Chinese girl name?

Most Popular Chinese Names for Girls in 2020

  • 一诺 (Yīnuò) Popularity Rank in 2020: 1.
  • 依诺 (Yīnuò) Popularity Rank in 2020: 2.
  • 欣怡 (Xīnyí) Popularity Rank in 2020: 3.
  • 梓涵 (Zǐhán) Popularity Rank in 2020: 4.
  • 语桐 (Yǔtóng) Popularity Rank in 2020: 5.
  • 欣妍 (Xīnyán) Popularity Rank in 2020: 6.
  • 可欣 (Kěxīn)
  • 语汐 (Yǔxī)

What is the most British girl name?

Along with longtime top name Amelia, girl names that rank among Britain’s Top 100 include Poppy, Freya, Phoebe, Elsie, Imogen, Harriet, Nancy, and Florence. Olivia, Sophia, and Charlotte are popular in both the UK and the US.

What are some beautiful Chinese girl names?

Common Chinese Name Ideas for Baby Girls in English

Name Meaning
Mei lien Beautiful lotus
Mei xing Beautiful star
Mei zhen Beautiful pearl
Meihui Beautiful wisdom

Who is the most beautiful girl in China?

The 10 most beautiful Chinese actresses, according to Japanese netizens

  1. Angelababy. (Photo by VCG/VCG via Getty Images)
  2. Yang Mi. A top actress in China, Yang Mi is highly regarded for both her flawless beauty and acting.
  3. Fan Bingbing.
  4. Zhang Ziyi.
  5. Lin Chiling.
  6. Dilraba Dilmurat.
  7. Kelly Chen.
  8. Ariel Lin.

What’s the most British name?

Oliver and Olivia remained the most popular name for boys and girls in England and Wales.

What Chinese name means elegant?

Xiu is pronounced just like Zuzu, it means ‘elegant’, ‘beautiful’, ‘charming’, ‘luxuriant’.

What are some beautiful Chinese names for girls?

” according to nameberry.

  • “morning star.” It is of Chinese origin.
  • ” according to Behind The Name.
  • Nuwa.
  • Holea.
  • Jia Li.
  • An Na.
  • Meilin.
  • Shufen.
  • Caihong.
  • What are the best English names for a girl?

    British Girl Names Cressida Heart. Cressida is a pretty mythological and Shakespearean heroine name much better known in Britain than it is here – an imbalance the adventurous baby namer might want to Winifred Heart. Harriet Heart. Ottilie Heart. Caoimhe Heart. Primrose Heart.

    What are the most popular Chinese names?

    The three most popular family names are Li (李 Lǐ), Wang (王 Wáng) and Zhang (张 Zhāng), and these three are used by about 22% (or 300 million) of the Chinese population. These are easily the three most popular names in the world.

    What are some popular Chinese last names?

    It is generally accepted that the three most common surnames in Mainland China are “Li”, “Wang” and “Zhang”. Other common names include Zhao, Chen, Yang, Wu, Liu, Huang and Zhou.