What are snake fuzzies?

Fuzzy Mice, sometimes known as large fuzzies, are generally 10-13 days of age and range in weight from 4.50-6.99 grams. At this stage they have not opened their eyes yet, but have developed a coat of fur and are available with white fur, dark fur or without fur.

When should I feed my snake fuzzies?

How many fuzzies should I feed my corn snake? Juveniles (18-36″ long) should be fed once every 7-10 days. Adults (>36″ long) should be fed once every 10-14 days. Offer a prey item that is between 1-1.5x the width of your snake’s body at its widest point (don’t worry about head size — snakes are very flexible).

What size snake eats fuzzies?

You should offer your snake feeder mice or rats that are roughly the size of the snake at the snake’s widest part (the mid-body area). In other words, the feeder rodent should be 1 to 11/2 times the diameter of your snake’s middle. You can go slightly larger than this, but not much.

How long do Ball Pythons eat fuzzies?

As hatchlings, I feed every five to seven days for a good six or seven months. And I feed rat pups or fuzzy mice (these are slightly bigger that the mice pinkies). Then I change it to once every seven to ten days, once the snake is at six or seven months old. This schedule last for a couple of years.

What happens if the rat is too big for the snake?

First of all, feeding a snake that size a rat fuzzy is fine. The general rule is take 15% of the snake’s body weight and that should be the weight of the feeder item. If a prey item is to large the snake will regurgitate it. Snakes can’t choke, they breath out of a small opening and are built to swallow large meals.

Can you overfeed a snake?

Overfeeding is very easy with some and you will soon see physical signs. It is better to control their intake and give them time to grow. It takes a lot longer to lose the weight/fat deposits than to gain it and the regurge that you mention is not good. Once a week, one correctly sized item is fine at 18 months.

Can I leave a mouse in my snakes cage?

Snakes are often chewed on by hungry rodents that have nothing else to eat. Remember, snakes can go months without food, but not mice and rats. Rule of thumb: Don’t leave live prey with an unattended snake for more than 15 minutes at a time.

Will a snake starve itself to death?

yes they will starve themselves to death.. I have had two do it!!

What kind of snakes can eat frozen mice?

That is why we have tried and tested many suppliers to find the healthiest and most nutritious frozen mice on the market. Our frozen mice are an excellent diet for many snakes, lizards, turtles, tortoises and amphibians. We send our frozen mice in plastic packs each of which is individually sealed.

What to do when a snake regurgitates food?

If he regurgitates when you handle him after 48 hours, then try giving him another day of rest. Snakes will also regurgitate due to stress. If your snake is stressed by loud noises or people tapping on the glass of their tank, try putting them in a quiet area after feeding and giving them space.

What does it mean when a snake vomits food?

It’s important to understand the difference between regurgitation and vomiting in your snake. Regurgitation happens before the food reaches the stomach. When a snake expels digested food that’s been in its stomach, it’s called vomiting and is usually a sign of illness.

What’s the best way to freeze fuzzy mice?

We flash freeze all our fuzzy and pinky mice to make sure they separate easily when you want to thaw them. They are also vacuum-packed for freshness, and to eliminate freezer burn. This process also increases their freezer life, and ensures they pack flat for easy storage.