What are the demerits of multi party system class 10?

Demerits of a Multi-Party System

  • In case of the existence of a multi party, sometimes no party is allowed to come into power due to contradictions between them which leads to difficulty in formation of government.
  • Multiple parties would need a bigger chunk to operate from the government funds.

What is a multi party system explain merits and demerits?

Merits: i This system allows a variety of interests and opinions to enjoy political representation. ii People can make a choice between several candidates. Demerits: i No one party is likely to gain power alone. ii Leads to political instability and often appears to be very messy.

What are the advantages of multi party system Brainly?

Advantages of Multi- party system: It enhances electoral transparency. Further governments in multi-party systems are responsive and accountable to the needs of the people. For a vast and social diverse country, multi-party system is best as it represents the voices and opinions of each section of the society.

What is the benefit of multi-party system?

A multi-party system prevents the leadership of a single party from controlling a single legislative chamber without challenge. If the government includes an elected Congress or Parliament, the parties may share power according to proportional representation or the first-past-the-post system.

What are the advantages of a multi-party system class 10?

May promote electoral participation by opposing political forces. May encourage voter participation. Enhances electoral transparency. Ensures political party input to the Electoral Management Body ‘s(EMB’s) policy development.

How does a country choose a party system?

Party system is not something any country can choose: It evolves over a long time, depending on the nature of its society, its social and regional divisions, its history of politics and its system of elections. Each country develops a party system that is conditioned by its special circumstances.

What are the main features of multi-party system?

What are the advantages and disadvantages of a multi party system?

Advantages and disadvantages of multi party system: Multi-party system is a political system in which more than two political parties are allowed to exist and compete for gaining of political power and governing the country.

How did multi party system work in Nigeria?

The late Oba of Lagos, Adele was a strong supporter of the Action Group (through the Area Council Party) while his successor, Oba Oyekan was a supporter of the NCNC and a personal friend of its leader, Dr. Azikiwe. It may be observed that the concept of multi-party system has taken a firm root in Nigeria through earlier experiment in Lagos.

What are the challenges of multiparty democracy in Africa?

This paper attempts to address the challenges of multiparty democracy in multiethnic states using the Kenyan experience. The paper examines the emerging dynamics of ethnic nationalism and their impact and consequences on the process of building democratic multiethnic states in Africa.

How many political parties are there in Nigeria?

For the purpose of this article, it is assumed that Nigeria is a democracy and currently practising one of its cardinal principles – leaving the choice of governance to more than one political association or political party. During the just concluded elections, about fourteen political parties contested for a single position of the President.