What does JVD stand for in medical terms?

Jugular vein distention or JVD (alternately JVP — jugular vein pressure or jugular vein pulsation) is right up there among the most mentioned but least described clinical phenomena in EMS.

How to treat jugular vein distention ( JVD )?

Treatments include: 1 changes in lifestyle and diet 2 beta-blockers to decrease the activity of the heart and lower blood pressure 3 ACE inhibitors, which help to relax the blood vessels 4 diuretics, which help to lower blood pressure by flushing salt and fluid out of the body and relaxing blood vessels

Why does JVD rise and fall with expiration?

If it changes with respiration, JVD should rise during expiration and fall with inspiration. Breathing in involves using your diaphragm to create “suction” in the chest, reducing pressure and allowing greater venous return — draining the jugulars.

How big should the distention of the JVD be?

Suffice to say that distention reaching more than 2-4cm of vertical distance (as opposed to the distance on the neck) above the chest is usually considered pathological, and less than 1-2cm can be considered suggestive of hypovolemia. If it changes with respiration, JVD should rise during expiration and fall with inspiration.

Overview. If you ever see someone with a bulging neck vein, you’re looking at the external jugular vein. When the jugular vein is visible, it’s known as jugular vein distention (JVD). Internal and external jugular veins run along the right and left sides of your neck.

What does neck vein distention indicate?

Jugular vein distention may be caused by heart conditions and conditions that affect blood vessels including: Congestive heart failure (deterioration of the heart’s ability to pump blood) Constrictive pericarditis (infection or inflammation of the lining that surrounds the heart that decreases the lining’s flexibility)

Does pneumothorax cause JVD?

JVD is often caused by life-threatening conditions such as pulmonary embolism, tension pneumothorax, car- diac tamponade, and heart failure,1 and is a classic and crucial finding in the evaluation of all patients presenting with shock.

What is external jugular vein?

The external jugular vein receives the greater part of the blood from the exterior of the cranium and the deep parts of the face, being formed by the junction of the posterior division of the retromandibular vein with the posterior auricular vein.

Is JVD left or right sided heart failure?

There are several reasons why JVD may occur, including: Right-sided heart failure. The right ventricle of the heart is responsible for pumping blood to the lungs to collect oxygen.

Why does JVP increase in pneumothorax?

Hypotension may occur and jugular venous pressure (JVP) may be raised, especially in tension pneumothorax. The trachea is deviated away from the side of collapse, especially in tension pneumothorax. Percussion reveals hyper-resonance over the collapse.

Is the external jugular vein important?

The Cardiovascular System The external jugular vein is the most important vein draining blood from the head and neck in the rat, in contrast to man where the internal jugular is the most important vein. In the rat, the external jugular vein collects blood from the posterior and anterior facial veins.

What is the function of the external jugular vein?

The function of the external jugular vein is to drain blood from the superficial structures of the cranium and the deep portions of the face.

What does it mean when you can see your veins pulsing?

Bulging veins can be related to any condition that obstructs the normal flow of blood. While a pulsating sensation is often typical of an aneurysm, pain or discomfort may take on a throbbing or pulsating character.

JVD Medical Abbreviation. 8. JVD. Jugular Venous Distention + 2 variants. Emergency, Diagnosis, Nursing. Emergency, Diagnosis, Nursing. 3. JVD. Jugular Venous Distension.

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