What happens at the 20-week ultrasound?

At the 20-week scan, you’ll probably see your baby’s heart beating, the curve of baby’s spine, baby’s face, and baby’s arms waving and legs kicking. There might even be some cute thumb-sucking. Because you can see so much in this scan, you might get a stronger sense of the baby or babies coming into your life.

Can you tell gender at 20-week scan?

Generally, the ultrasound sonographer isn’t supposed to tell you what they see—that’s news you’ll receive in a follow-up appointment with your doctor, says Wilson—but most technicians are allowed to tell you the gender. Also, no news is often good news.

What should I do before my 20-week ultrasound?

You may need to drink water before your exam so you’ll have a full bladder, which makes it easier to take ultrasound images. You’ll recline on an exam table with your tummy exposed, and a sonographer will apply gel and then move a wand (transducer) over your abdomen.

What could go wrong at 20 weeks pregnant?

In a small number of cases, some very serious conditions are found – for example, the baby’s brain, kidneys, internal organs or bones may not have developed properly. In some very serious, rare cases where no treatment is possible, the baby will die soon after they’re born or may die during pregnancy.

What does 20 week ultrasound check for?

The 20 week ultrasound, also known as the anatomy scan, is when a sonographer uses an ultrasound machine to: Check for physical abnormalities in baby. Check mama’s uterus, fluid levels, and placenta.

What happens at 20 week anatomy scan?

During the mid-pregnancy ultrasound (also called the anatomy scan), usually around 20 weeks, your doctor is basically checking to make sure baby’s growing and developing properly. This generally includes listening to baby’s heartbeat, checking for physical abnormalities, looking at organ structure,…

What to expect at anatomy scan?

The general goal of the anatomy scan is to ensure that your little baby (or babies) is growing as it should. Many measurements will be taken. The technician will measure from baby’s top to bottom, will measure the head and may even provide you with a weight estimate. The scan will look in-depth at the babies heart.

What is an anatomy scan in pregnancy?

The anatomy scan or anatomical ultrasounds (may also be known as the 20 week ultrasound) is an transabdominal ultrasound performed between 18-22 weeks of pregnancy. The purpose of the anatomy scan is evaluate the growth and development of the fetus, as well as, check amniotic fluid levels and the placement of the placenta.