What is a Asterisk dial plan?

The dialplan is essentially a scripting language specific to Asterisk and one of the primary ways of instructing Asterisk on how to behave. It ties everything together, allowing you to route and manipulate calls in a programmatic way.

How do I set up auto attendant?

How to Create an Auto-Attendant in 5 Steps

  1. Choose a Phone Number. First step is to determine which phone number you want to be routed through your auto attendant.
  2. Record a Greeting.
  3. Create Menu Options.
  4. Add Call Routing Rules.
  5. Choose phones.
  6. Efficiently Route Callers.
  7. Provide Callers with Quick Information.
  8. Elevate Your Image.

How do I set up auto attendant on Google Voice?

Step 1. Create an auto attendant

  1. Sign in to your Google Admin console.
  2. From the Admin console Home page, go to Apps Google Workspace Google Voice.
  3. Click Auto attendants.
  4. In the upper right, click Create.
  5. Enter a name for the auto attendant and, optionally, add a description.
  6. Click Create.

How do you write an asterisk dialplan?

conf, go to the Asterisk command-line interface and tell Asterisk to reload the dialplan by typing the command dialplan reload. You can verify that Asterisk successfully read the configuration file by typing dialplan show from-internal at the CLI.

How does auto attendant work?

An auto attendant is a menu system that uses voice prompts to help callers navigate to the correct department. The automated attendant picks up the slack so that calls are directed to the right people or are at least sent to the company voicemail.

How do I assign numbers to auto attendant Teams?

For Auto Attendants, you can assign a dedicated number to an auto attendant by going to Teams admin center > Voice > Auto attendants and follow the prompts.

Is IVR an Auto-Attendant?

An IVR (Interactive Voice Response) is a more advanced version of an auto attendant. A Dial-by-Name Directory is a type of auto-attendant. If a caller does not know your extension, he can look you up using your name.

What is a phone Auto-Attendant?

Auto-Attendant (or automated attendant) is a term commonly used in telephony to describe a voice menu system that allows callers to be transferred to an extension without going through a telephone operator or receptionist.

How do I assign my phone number to auto attendant?

Under Manage Auto Attendants, click the drop-down menu to select the location. Hover over the Auto Attendant, and click the pencil to the right. From the Auto Attendant profile, select the Phone number from the drop-down list > Save.

What is Google’s multi level auto attendant?

The Multi-Level IVR (also known as Auto-Attendant) is an extended automated phone menu that gives you full control over how calls are routed to ensure your business needs are met. It efficiently connects callers to individuals, call queues, or locations within an organization, based on their selections from menus.

How do you set an operator on an auto attendant?

If you set an operator on your auto attendant, you enter the corresponding prompt text in the Callers will hear box or change your audio file to include this option. For example, “For the Operator, press zero.” You have several ways to set the Operator: No operator disables the “Operator” and “Press 0” options. This is the current default.

Do you need to configure asterisk after installing it?

After installing Asterisk we should need to configure it for actual working. If you don’t know how to install Asterisk, you can learn it here. With this basic Asterisk configuration, you will get an idea about how the Asterisk configuration takes place. In this article we’re assuming asterisk is already been installed on your system.

How are auto attendants assigned to call destinations?

Each dial key can be assigned a call routing destinations. Dial people by name or extension – callers can be directed to dial the extension number of the person they’re trying to reach in your organization’s directory, or by spelling the person’s name. Disconnect – an auto attendant can hang up the call.

Do you need an IVR for an asterisk?

Setting up an IVR on Asterisk is nothing to crazy, but you will need to be a little tech savvy, or at least persistent.