What is a material handling bucket truck?

A bucket truck with a material handler makes it easy to move material from one spot to another. Additionally, a bucket truck with a material handler can stabilize or hold equipment to prevent movement during transportation or storage. They can lift heavy loads without additional equipment or special rigging.

What must bucket truck ground workers wear?

Bucket truck workers must wear a fall-restraint safety belt system or a full-body harness fall arrest system. Fall arrest equipment, work positioning equipment or travel restricting equipment shall be used by employees working at elevated locations more than 4 feet above the ground.

How much does a forestry bucket truck cost?

Expect to pay $37,000 to $140,000 for a standard light-duty bucket truck that’s used for routine facilities maintenance, utility service, or something similar. Heavy-duty trucks used for construction, forestry, and a range of other tasks at elevated heights run between $84,000 and $370,000.

Why are bucket trucks grounded?

Grounding trucks has one purpose: to cause immediate operation of a protective device. The protective device is the circuit breaker through which voltage and current are delivered to the electrical system. So, the purpose of grounding is to create a good path for electrical current to flow.

How high can a bucket truck reach?

Standard boom trucks, cherry pickers, and bucket trucks from competing brands have a limited reach in height, maxing out at just 185 feet.

What is a bucket truck called?

A bucket truck, or boom truck, as the name suggests is mounted on a vehicle. Sometimes it may also be installed on a van, in which case it is called a bucket van. Some bucket trucks come equipped to lift materials and supplies to the worker.

What can you not do in a bucket truck?

Do not allow workers to position themselves between overhead hazards, such as joists and beams, and the rails of the basket. Movement of the lift could crush the worker(s). Maintain a minimum clearance of at least 10 feet, or 3 meters, away from the nearest energized overhead lines.

Do you need fall protection in a bucket truck?

According to the OSHA website, “While working in a bucket or basket workers must wear fall protection equipment with the lanyard connected to an anchor point connected on the boom, bucket or basket.” OSHA 19 10.67 requires this because mechanical failures can result in buckets flipping or separating from the boom …

Is a bucket truck an aerial lift?

Both are aerial work platforms, and serve the function of raising a worker to high or not easily accessed areas. The “bucket” or aerial work platform, is secured to an electric or hydraulic electric lift system designed to lift personnel into the air to perform work safely.

What does grounding a truck mean?

Grounding means that the dealer has reported to the lessor that the car has been returned. It should be done promptly by the dealer (so I’d give them a call ASAP). Once you turn the vehicle into the dealer, you shouldn’t be liable for anything.

Where can I get training for bucket truck?

Training is offered around Southern Ontario including Toronto, Mississauga, Brampton, Markham, Oakville, Burlington, Hamilton, Niagara, Kitchener, Waterloo, Cambridge. We also offer Train the Trainer courses for Bucket Truck Aerial Lift. Want to take the Online course instead?

What can a bucket truck be used for?

A bucket truck is used for lifting and lowering workers to places that are too tall for ladders. Some are designed with a single or double arm boom. Can be constructed of wood, fiberglass, metal or reinforced plastic. This is considered a mobile type of aerial lift as it has an aerial device attached to a truck.

Are there any online courses for bucket truck aerial lift?

We also offer Train the Trainer courses for Bucket Truck Aerial Lift. Want to take the Online course instead? • CSA Standard CSA-B354.2-01 (R2013) – The CSA Safety Standard for Aerial lifts/platforms, identifies the knowledge, practical skills and evaluation requirements needed by aerial lift operators.

What can you do with a Herc bucket truck?

Safely reach new heights in Herc Rentals’ bucket trucks. Powered by the vehicle’s engine to operate the lift hydraulics, which raises the boom and bucket, these trucks, also known as cherry pickers, are frequently used by utility workers, public works departments, arborists or tree surgeons and sign installers to access high, hard-to-reach areas.