What is a Toad Hollow?

Description: Toad Hollow, also known as the Core Area Drainage Pond, is part of the City’s storm water drainage system. The pond and park are locally known as Toad Hollow after tunnels were created to allow resident toads access to former upland habitat near the Davis Post Office.

What kind of wine is Toad Hollow?

Valley Chardonnay
Toad Hollow Vineyards began operation in 1994, with 3000 cases of 1993 Russian River Valley Chardonnay. Our Chardonnay is 100% Stainless Steel fermented, using no oak at all.

Who owns Toad Hollow Winery?

Frankie Williams
PRESIDENT, OWNER, & FEARLESS LEADER Frankie Williams grew up in New London, Connecticut and after a brief stint with the CIA, she arrived in San Francisco in 1972, where she met her future husband, Todd Williams. In 1994 Todd founded Toad Hollow Vineyards in Sonoma County.

Is Toad Hollow wine vegan?

“Toad Hollow wines are made through a custom crush process, meaning that our wines are made at other winery facilities. Because we do not have the ability to oversee all production aspects of our wines, we can not guarantee that no animal products were used in the wine making process.”

Where is Toad Hollow wine made?

Sonoma County
Based in Healdsburg, Sonoma County, California, Toad Hollow Vineyards produces around 70,000 cases annually. “Francine’s Selection” Unoaked Chardonnay from Mendocino County has historically been the winery’s driver.


What is the mission of Toad Hollow vineyards?

At Toad Hollow Vineyards, our mission is to produce quality wines that are delicious, interesting and accessible. We’re an amusing and friendly bunch and believe drinking wine should be as FUN as the whimsical art on our wine labels.

Where can I buy yarn from Toad Hollow?

We are the hands and minds behind Toad Hollow, where we dye yarn and make bags for crafters. You can purchase our beautiful hand dyed yarn at www.Toadhollownj.com

Who are the Sisters on Crafty toad podcast?

Welcome to The Crafty Toad Podcast. We are Helen and Mary Beth, two sisters knitting, cross stitching, sewing and crafting their way through life. We are the hands and minds behind Toad Hollow, where we dye yarn and make bags for crafters.

How much toad is in a sock set?

Sock sets come with one 100 grams of Sock Toad and 20 grams of a coordinating color for heels, toes and cuffs! Since we can’t be in Maryland in person this weekend, we will be having some live events on Zoom this Saturday and Sunday where we’ll be doing lots of yarn pairings. The schedule is as follows: