What is covered by Intellicare?

Intellicare members have the privilege to avail of the following services at any accredited hospitals and clinics nationwide.


What are the top 5 hospitals Intellicare?

Intellicare Accredited Hospitals

  • Caloocan. MCU Hospital. North Caloocan Doctor’s Hospital.
  • Mandaluyong. VRP Medical Center or Dr. Victor R.
  • Manila. Chinese General Hospital.
  • Quezon City. Bernardino General Hospital.
  • Batangas. Batangas Health Care Hospital.
  • Cebu. Adventist Hospital.
  • Davao. Adventist Hospital Davao.

Does Intellicare cover neurologist?

The professional fees of Neurologists at the moment are on a “cash basis” policy for all HMO members. You may pay for the cost of professional fees first then file for reimbursement based on Intellicare’s Relative Value Scale (RVS).

How do I get Loa for Intellicare?

  1. Go to the POS terminal in an accredited hospital or clinic.
  2. Present your Intellicare card to the attending medical staff and have it swiped to validate membership eligibility.
  3. If APPROVED, the Out-Patient (OP) Letter of Eligibility (LOE) will be printed.

Does Intellicare cover anti rabies?

First dose of anti-rabies, anti-venom and anti-tetanus are covered up to PHP 15,000.00. Congenital illnesses shall be covered for Principal members shall be covered up to PHP 20,000.00 per illness / member / year.

Does Medicard cover pre existing conditions?

Now, that’s flexibility. You save even more with VIP plan as Pre-Existing Conditions are covered such as hypertension, goiter, cataracts or glaucoma, gastritis, tuberculosis, arthritis and more.

What is maximum benefit limit in Maxicare?

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Plan Room & Board Accomodation Maximum Benefit Limit (MBL)
Gold 1 Regular Private 150,000
Gold 2 Regular Private 100,000
Silver 1 Semi Private 80,000
Silver 2 Semi Private 60,000

What happens with the lifetime maximum benefit limit has been reached?

Each insurance policy has a lifetime maximum (lifetime max). This is the maximum (and cumulative) amount of money your policy will pay in benefits. Once that limit has been reached you are no longer eligible for any benefits under that policy. You will have to purchase another insurance policy.

Are there any cardiologists in San Antonio TX?

Cardiologists may also be known by the following names: cardiac doctor, cardiovascular disease doctor, heart specialist and heart doctor. There are 220 specialists practicing Cardiology in San Antonio, TX with an overall average rating of 4.5 stars.

How many doctors are members of intellicare healthcare?

We care about your health first and foremost, and it shows: the Intellicare brand of healthcare is trusted by over 1,000,000 members and 43,500 doctors and specialists nationwide. What’s New This Month?

How to contact intellicare partner clinics in pH?

Please call Intellicare’s Customer Service or check www.intellicare.com.ph for current updates. * Access to these facilities depends on the contract provision. 2 3 INTELLICARE PARTNER CLINICS

What is the intellicare advantage in modern healthcare?

Modern Healthcare The Intellicare Advantage We focus on improving the numbers that track your health and drive down the cost of quality healthcare. Your Intelligent Health Choice Intellicare has more than 20 years of solid experience in health care management.