What is exterior beam column joint?

In reinforced concrete frames beam-column joint is the critical zone that should be designed to provide sufficient deformation capacity and ultimate strength. More vulnerable failures of joints around the exterior border of the structure occur than interior joints.

What are the modes of failure of beam column?

BACKGROUND TO BEAM TO COLUMN CONNECTION FAILURE MODES Four types of reinforced concrete beam-column joint failure can occur: (1) failure of the concrete strut; (2) failure of the truss; (3) confining reinforcement failure; and (4) all of these depend on bond loss possibility.

What is beam column effect?

SUMMARY: • Structural members subjected to axial compression and bending are known as beam columns. • The interaction of normal force and bending may be treated elastically or plastically using. equilibrium for the classification of cross-section.

How do you repair a damaged concrete column?

Columns may be repaired by using one or more of the following methods:

  1. Encasement or enlargement of the column cross section (jacketing).
  2. Cathodic protection to stop reinforcing steel corrosion.
  3. Re-alkalization of the reinforcing steel to stop corrosion.
  4. Chloride extraction to retard the reinforcing steel corrosion.

Is code for beam column joint?

This paper presents suggested provisions on beam, column joints for inclusion in IS 13920 : 19933. These has been developed in line with ACI 318M6. The application of the proposed provisions has been illustrated by a solved example for design of an interior joint.

Why are shorter columns stronger?

Short Columns They are subjected to compressive stresses. Its slenderness ratio is less than 45. Short columns have a large lateral dimension as compared to its height. The short column is stronger than a long column and it is highly preferable.

What is column and beam?

A beam is a horizontal structural element which withstands vertical loads whereas columns are basically vertical members which span from substructure to superstructure and play a crucial role in transfer of load from top of structure to bottom footing.

What is the minimum dimension of column?

7.1. 2 of IS 13920 : 1993 specifies the minimum dimension of columns as, The minimum dimension of the member shall not be less than 200 mm.

How does shear strength affect concrete beam columns?

Beam failure and joint compression strut failure were observed. The parameters affecting the shear capacity were different for interior and exterior joints. In case of exterior beam-column joint, the authors concluded that normal stresses of column higher than 40% of the concrete compressive strength reduce the joint shear strength.

What causes a beam column joint to fail?

The recent laboratory experiments indicated that unsatisfactory structural performance may result from the premature failure of beam-column joints as described by Scott (1992) [1] and by Parker and Bullman (1997) [2].

Why are the joints between columns and beams important?

The joints between beams and columns are crucial zones in a reinforced concrete moment resisting frame. The behaviour of such joints greatly influences the strength and ductility of the overall frame.

How are beams and columns affected by earthquakes?

Recent earthquakes have demonstrated that even when the beams and columns in a reinforced concrete frame remain intact, the integrity of the whole structure is compromised if the joints, where these members are connected, fail. Beam-column joints are susceptible to failure earlier than the adjacent members due to the destruction of joint zone.