What is the annual fee for 24 Hour Fitness?

What is the Annual Fee? Each year, members will be charged an Annual Fee of $49.99 in addition to monthly dues. The Annual Fee is due and payable each year on the 2nd month in accordance of your membership enrollment date, as long as the membership is in effect.

Does 24 Hour Fitness have a day pass?

Try a Class FREE GYM PASS All the Classes You Want. No Extra Cost. Enjoy all the fitness classes you love, without the fitness studio price. Led by amazing coaches, our welcoming GX24 classes will challenge you to move smarter, push harder and show up inspired day after day.

Does Costco still sell 24 Hour Fitness memberships?

24 Hour Fitness is no longer accepting membership certificates purchased from Costco.

What’s the cheapest gym to join?

Five most affordable gym memberships

  1. Planet Fitness. Planet Fitness advertises itself as a gym for people who don’t like gyms, with ads referring to every Planet Fitness location as a “Judgement Free Zone.”
  2. Cardinal Fitness.
  3. Your Local YMCA.
  4. Gold’s Gym.
  5. LA Fitness.

How much is Costco 24 hour membership?

Costco members can buy a two-year, all-club, 24 Hour Fitness membership package for $399.99, according to Reader’s Digest. The same membership purchased directly through the gym chain would cost over $800 if paid over a two-year period. 24 Hour Fitness has more than 400 locations in 13 states.

Is planet Fitness open 24 7?

The new Planet Fitness will be open and staffed 24/7, and it will have nearly 100 cardio and strength equipment pieces, full-service locker rooms, tanning and massage chairs. This will be the 15th Louisville-area Planet Fitness location, all owned by franchisee PF Louisville.

How much does a 24 Hour Fitness membership cost?

How Much does a 24 Hour Fitness Membership Cost ? The cost for a membership 24 Hour Fitness is quite easy to remember. The company charges a basic monthly fee of $30-$35 for membership, along with an initiation fee of $99. You can also opt to pay a full annual membership fee of $459.88.

How much does a gym membership actually cost?

Most gyms offer monthly memberships for between $20-$50 per month . This gym membership cost depends on the quality of the club, the types of amenities offered, as well as the cost of living in your area. Refer to the table below for common gym membership costs in your area.

How do you get a cheap gym membership?

10 Ways to Get a Cheaper Gym Membership This Year 01. Timing is everything. 02. Try before you buy. 03. Check for discounts through your employer. 04. Check for reimbursements from your health insurer. 05. Bring up your budget . . . and the competition. 06. Get a membership at Costco. 07. Consider ClassPass . 08. Say farewell to fees. 09.