What is the best 400-watt high pressure sodium bulb?

The Best 400w HPS Bulb

  • Philips 404871 Green Power High Pressure Sodium 400-Watt. Philips is a name you can count on.
  • Eye Hortilux HX66620 Hortilux.
  • GE 61372 – LU400/SBY/XL/ECO High Pressure Sodium Light Bulb.
  • High Pressure Sodium Conclusion.
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How many plants can you grow under a 400-watt HPS?

You could EASILY do 16 plants under a 400w HPS.

How much can a 400-watt HPS yield?

Best marijuana yield indoors 400 watts of an HPS grow light could lead to 400 grams (14 ounces) of weed at the end of the day. 1200 watts would lead to 1.2 kilos (42 ounces) of marijuana, etc.

What bulb is best for flowering?

For flowering, CMH bulbs with a color temperature of 3000K (pictured above) or 2700K are best. If you are also using the lights to veg, you may want to get 4000K bulbs instead.

Is 400 watt HPS good enough?

400 Watt HPS Bulbs At 400 watts, things start getting productive. And very hot too. At 400W we’re almost nearing the top-end of HPS efficiency, which means that although the bulb will emit a lot of heat it will also provide significantly more PAR light to your plants than a 250W bulb.

How much area does a 400 watt HPS cover?

around 16 square feet
400-Watt HPS grow lights are the most commonly used HPS grow bulb, covering around 16 square feet and capable of producing high yields.

How much will a 600 watt HPS yield?

Sixteen plants that are grown under a 600-watt HPS lamp could produce about 37.5 grams or 1.3 oz of marijuana per plant. Under perfect, outdoor conditions, you can expect yields to extend to 500 grams or 17.5 oz per plant.

Why is HPS better for flowering?

HPS grow lights produce fast growth, fat dense buds and consistently big yields. They efficiently turn electricity into light, and they give off a type/color of light that promotes better flowering.

Why is HPS better than LED?

The heat per watt is far greater with an HPS fixture compared to LED. This technology is far more efficient in transferring energy in to light, as it produces less heat and has a higher wattage equivalency to HPS (600w vs 1000w).

What are the different types of HPS bulbs?

HPS bulbs are available in 35, 50, 70, 100, 150, 200, 250, 310, 400, 600, 1,000-watt types. Like metal halide, HPS bulbs are available either with or without a phosphor coating, but those without a phosphor coating produce more light.

How many lumens in a 600 watt HPS bulb?

In fact, a 600-watt HPS bulb produces 90,000 initial lumens. In addition, like metal halide, HPS bulbs consist of an arc tube suspended in a vacuum (which reduces heat loss from the arc tube) contained within an outer bulb that serves to protect the arc tube from damage.

Why do indoor growers use HPS light bulbs?

The main reason professional indoor growers use HPS bulbs for the flowering stage is that when a cannabis plant reaches the pre-flowering stage, hormones within the plant’s cells inform the plant that it has reached the age of sexual maturity.

What kind of light bulbs do you use for marijuana?

To achieve the maximum yield and the highest possible quality, it is necessary to change the type of bulb used for each stage of the growth cycle. Metal halide (MH) bulbs are proficient at producing blue light, and high pressure sodium (HPS) bulbs are proficient at producing red light.