What is the Dahlgren and Whitehead model 1991?

These social health factors have been explored by researchers using several models, but the most widely used is the Dahlgren-Whitehead ‘rainbow model’. The model, developed by Göran Dahlgren and Margaret Whitehead in 1991, maps the relationship between the individual, their environment and health.

What is the Dahlgren and Whitehead model used for?

The Dahlgren and Whitehead model has been useful in providing a framework for raising questions about the size of the contribution of each of the layers to health, the feasibility of changing specific factors and the complementary action that would be required to influence linked factors in other layers.

How do you reference Dahlgren and Whitehead model?

SOURCE: Dahlgren and Whitehead (1991). Used with permission of the Institute for Futures Studies, Stockholm, Sweden. Suggested Citation:”Appendix A: Models of Health Determinants.” Institute of Medicine.

What is the rainbow model?

The Rainbow Model is a systematic framework for showing the relationship between approaches to health and total, whole-of-life development, including the spiritual dimension. Red, the longest wavelength, corresponds to one’s present state of health or disease. Orange reflects a concern with reducing risk factors.

What are the 5 social determinants of health?

Healthy People 2020 organizes the social determinants of health around five key domains: (1) Economic Stability, (2) Education, (3) Health and Health Care, (4) Neighborhood and Built Environment, and (5) Social and Community Context.

What are the 12 social determinants of health?

Social Determinants of Health

  • Economic Stability.
  • Education Access and Quality.
  • Health Care Access and Quality.
  • Neighborhood and Built Environment.
  • Social and Community Context.

What are the 9 determinants of health?

Determinants Of Health

  • Income and social status.
  • Social support networks.
  • Education and literacy.
  • Employment/working conditions.
  • Social environments.
  • Physical environments.
  • Personal health practices and coping skills.
  • Healthy child development.

What are wider determinants of health?

The wider determinants of health are social, economic and environmental factors that influence health, well-being and inequalities.

What are the 4 social determinants of health?

Why is the Dahlgren-Whitehead Rainbow model important?

The Dahlgren-Whitehead rainbow model remains one of the most effective illustrations of health determinants, and has had widespread impact in research on health inequality and influences. Dahlgren/Whitehead: European strategies for tackling social inequities in health – levelling up part 2 (WHO report, PDF)

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