What is the dental code for Oraqix?

In January 2017, the American Dental Association released a new code (D4346) for gingivitis, which is indicated for patients who have swollen, inflamed gingiva, generalized suprabony pockets, and moderate-to-severe bleeding on probing.

What are the new 2021 CDT codes?

Notable new CDT codes for 2021 D1355: Caries preventive medicament—per tooth (this can include silver diamine fluoride application) D5995 and D5996: Periodontal medicament carrier with peripheral seal—laboratory processed, maxillary and mandibular respectively.

Is Oraqix a local anesthetic?

Oraqix is an amide local anesthetic indicated for adults who require localized anesthesia in periodontal pockets during scaling and/or root planing.

How many CDT codes are there in 2020?

CDA encourages dentists to prepare for CDT 2020 dental code additions, revisions and deletions that go into effect Jan. 1, 2020. The new year will bring 37 new and five revised codes, plus six deleted codes.

What is dental Code D9230?

Providers are required to indicate inhalation of nitrous oxide using CDT (Current Dental Terminology) procedure code D9230 (Inhalation of nitrous oxide/analgesia, anxiolysis) on all PA (prior authorization) requests and claims.

What is dental Code D9999?

CDT D9999 Category : ADJUNCTIVE GENERAL SERVICES Adjunctive refers to any treatment or service that is provided in conjunction with another to increase the first treatment’s efficacy. In other words, adjunctive is a secondary treatment in addition to the primary therapy.

What is the CDT code for Frenectomy?

Providers are required to indicate frenulectomy procedures using one of the following CDT (Current Dental Terminology) codes as applicable: D7961 (Buccal/labial frenectomy [frenulectomy])

How many dental CDT codes are there?

Current Dental Terminology (CDT) was updated once every two years. Now, the CDT Code is revised every year, and the revisions are significant. CDT 2015 introduced 16 new procedural codes, revised 52 codes and deleted five. CDT 2016 introduced 19 new codes, revised 12 codes and deleted eight.

How much does Oraqix cost?

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Is there EPI in Oraqix?

In a crossover study, 170 patients exposed to ORAQIX® also received an injection of 2% lidocaine with epinephrine. The most frequent adverse reactions in clinical trials were local reactions in the oral cavity.

How often are CDT codes updated?

every two years
Current Dental Terminology (CDT) was updated once every two years. Now, the CDT Code is revised every year, and the revisions are significant.

How much oraqix is needed for one quadrant of the dentition?

Typically, one cartridge (1.7g) or less of Oraqix will be sufficient for one quadrant of the dentition. When administered, Oraqix should be a liquid. If it has formed a gel, it should be placed in a refrigerator (do not freeze) until it becomes a liquid again.

Can you use oraqix in combination with Tocainide?

Oraqix should be used with caution in combination with dental injection anesthesia, other local anesthetics, or agents structurally related to local anesthetics, e.g., Class 1 antiarrhythmics such as tocainide and mexiletine, as the toxic effects of these drugs are likely to be additive and potentially synergistic.

How many milligrams of oraqix should I take?

The maximum recommended dose of Oraqix at one treatment session is 5 cartridges, i.e., 8.5g gel. Dosage Forms and Strengths Periodontal gel containing: lidocaine 25 mg/mL and prilocaine 25 mg/mL. Each cartridge contains 1.7 mL (42.5 mg of lidocaine and 42.5 mg of prilocaine).

Are there CDT codes in every dental office?

We all know that Current Dental Terminology (CDT) codes are part of every dental office, yet some dental professionals report never having been formally trained in coding, and are not familiar with the details. What some may not realize, however, is that knowledge of CDT codes is not solely the responsibility of the business team.