What is the difference between a jig a reel and a hornpipe?

The main difference between the traditional Irish dances is the metre: The jig is in compound time (6/8, 9/8 or 12/8) The reel is in simple time (2/4, 4/4 or 2/2) The hornpipe is in simple time (2/4 or 4/4) and has dotted rhythms.

What type of rhythm does a reel have?

Rhythm and Timing of Tunes

Name Time Signature Rhythm
Mazurka 3/4 1,2,3,1,2,3
Reel 4/4 1,2, 3, 4, 1, 2, 3,4 …
Hornpipe 4/4 1-,2,3-,4,1-,2,3-,4 …
Jig 6/8 1,2,3,4,5,6,1,2,3,4,5,6 …

What makes a song a reel?

Reel, genre of social folk dance, Celtic in origin. It is a variety of country dance in which the dancers perform traveling figures alternating with “setting” steps danced in one place. Reels may be for sets of two or more couples. The music is in quick 2/4 or 4/4 time and usually has an insistent 16th-note motion.

How do you memorize a reel?

If you like using a word to remember how the pulse of a reel should go, a good one is “watermelon“: “WAT-er-mel-on, WAT-er-mel-on, etc.” For you music readers out there, reels are often notated in 4/4, but usually played in cut time (2/2).

What defines a jig?

1a : any of several lively springy dances in triple rhythm. b : music to which a jig may be danced. 2 : trick, game —used chiefly in the phrase the jig is up. 3a : any of several fishing devices that are jerked up and down or drawn through the water.

How do you tell the difference between a reel and a jig?

Difference between jig and reel: (for non-musicians) To tell whether a tune you’re listening to is a jig or a reel, let your foot tap along with the music at a natural pace, then see how many fast notes you count between each tap. If you can count to 3, it’s a jig. If you can count to 4, it’s a reel.

How many beats are in a reel?

A quick, lively dance with a 6/8 time signature. It is in compound time – it has two beats in the bar where each beat is divided into groups of three. The Reel dance is fairly fast in tempo and is in simple time. The melody is usually smooth and each beat is equally divided into groups of two or four.

What is the difference between a jig and a slip jig?

A slip jig is similar to a single or double jig (and can incorporate either, or both, note patterns), but is played in 9/8 time. This gives it a slightly more lilting, more leisurely, less driving, feel than the single and double jigs.

How many beats in a bar does a reel have?

They have two or four beats to the bar and a strong steady pulse. They have a moderate tempo (so that they can be marched to). A march is often heard together in a set with a strathspey and reel. In this performance of a march, strathspey and reel, the step dancing adds a percussive accompaniment.

Why is it called a jig?

You can also call the type of tune that’s played to accompany the dance a jig. The source of jig is most likely the Middle French giguer, “to dance” or “to jump.”

What’s the difference between reel and jig in Irish music?

If you find 2 and 3, the tune is a reel but, if the numbers are 6 and 8 then, the tune is a jig. As you can see, reel and jig are words that are used to refer to the tempo of a composition in Irish music. Now that you know what each stands for, try to find out whether you are listening to a jig or a reel next time you are listening to Irish music.

How to tell the difference between reels, jigs and horpipes?

If it’s a jig,you can fit the word ‘galloping’ into it most of the time. Hornpipes are usually slower than reels and sometimes have a dotted rhythm. # Posted by TradChic 12 years ago. Re: how to tell the difference between reels, jigs and horpipes? # Posted by ceolachan 12 years ago. Re: how to tell the difference between reels, jigs and horpipes?

What’s the difference between a hornpipe and a jig?

Hornpipes are harder, the rhythm is more flexible – many but not all go ‘Humpty dumpty, humpty dumpty’. But the real give away that it is a hornpipe is that each section ends with three even crochets (quarter notes). Re: Trying to explain the difference between a jig, reel and hornpipe.

What’s the difference between a reel and a hornpipe?

Like the reel, the tune usually consists of two parts made of eight bars, but the time signature is 6/8. This means that there are six beats to every bar (each beat is counted in groups of three as 123-456 I 123-456). Hornpipes are dance tunes that appear to have originated in the maritime tradition.