What is the difference between ER11 and ER16?

Both er11 and er16 are families of collet sizes. Er11 it’s 1mm – 7mm shanked bit, ER16 is 1-10mm, and er20 handles 1-13mm. Approximately the same range available in SAE sizes (1/16 – 1/4, 3/8, or 1/2”, respectively).

What does ER11 collet mean?

An ER mill collet is a cnc tool holder for endmills, drills etc in a mill. They can also be used in a small micro lathe in the place of a chuck to clamp the workpiece. The ER collet system consists of a main shaft or body with a threaded end, a nut, which screws onto the main body and interchangeable collets.

What is the largest ER11 collet?

.020 inches
Each ER11 collet has a range of . 020 inches(0.5mm). The size indicated on the collet is the largest size it can hold and can be collapsed smaller within its collapse range of . 020 inches(0.5mm).

What’s the difference between ER and ER 32 Spring collets?

ER-32 Spring Collets. The wide holding range of ER collets means fewer collets and fewer collet changes are required. Unique self-releasing system prevents sticking. Metric ER collets are available; please call for information. ER-40 Spring Collets.

How big is an ER rifle in inches?

18 mm (0.71″) 11.5 mm (0.45″) 0.5—7 mm (0.020—0.276″) ER-16 27.5 mm (1.08″) 17 mm (0.67″) 0.5—9 mm (0.020—0.354″) ER-20 31.5 mm (1.24″) 21 mm (0.83″) 1—13 mm (0.039—0.512″) ER-25 34 mm (1.34″) 26 mm (1.02″) 1—16 mm (0.039—0.630″) ER-32 40 mm (1.57″ 33 mm (1.30″) 1—21 mm (0.039—0.827″) ER-40 46 mm (1.81″) 41 mm (1.61″) 3—26 mm (0.188—1.024″)

Which is better a collet or an ER holder?

• Best collet for tools 1/8″ (6mm) and smaller • More rigid and more accurate than ER, but works with your ER holders DNA collets hold small tools with greater rigidity and more accuracy (T.I.R.) for greatly improved tool life. large counterbore leaves shank unsupported twice as much metal holding tool shank!

What’s the difference between ER collets and R8 5C?

If you measure one it will be oversize. Perhaps they may measure on point when compressed to their nominal range. ER collets have a clamping range of .039mm/1mm, much wider than R8, 5C, etc. Ultimately it’s the max tool size that will base your decision on which size to buy.