What is the fastest international goal?

Christian Benteke is the international record holder when it comes to quick goals, after the Belgian striker scored just 8.1 seconds into a World Cup qualifier against Gibraltar in 2017.

Whats the fastest goal scored?

However, the fastest goal officially recognised by the Football Association was during a 2004 amateur match between Cowes Sports Res. v Eastleigh Res. Marc Burrows scored the opening goal in just 2.56 seconds of the game.

What is the longest goal ever?

The record for the longest goal scored in football history belongs to goalkeeper Tom King after he scored from 105 yards (96.01m) for Newport County against Cheltenham Town. King scored direct from a goal kick during the match, which was played on January 19, 2021.

Who scored the longest free kick goal?

In the same light, we present the five longest goals ever scored in world football.

  • Andy Lonergan (95-100 yards)
  • Matias Dituro (95-100 yards)
  • Asmir Begovic (97.5 yards)
  • Tim Howard (101 yards)
  • Tom King (105 yards)

Which is the fastest goal in the world?

Cheung scored for the Hong Kong youth team 2.8 seconds after the start of a match in the Portsmouth Cup in 1993. It was the world record in 1993. Occurred during a match in the first tier of Coimbra Football Association, the fourth tier of Portuguese football. Fastest Goal in Brazilian Football. Fastest Goal in association football at the time.

Which is the fastest Football League in the world?

Fastest goal ever scored in La Liga . Fastest goal ever scored in the Ukrainian Premier League . Fastest goal ever scored in the Chilean Primera DivisiĆ³n . Fastest goal ever scored in Bulgarian A Football Group . Fastest goal ever scored in the Premier League . Fastest ever debut goal. Fastest goal ever scored in Persian Gulf Pro League .

Which is the third fastest goal in Premier League history?

Christian Eriksen’s 11 second strike for Tottenham against Manchester United on Wednesday was the third fastest goal in Premier League history. But who else has scored one of the quickest goals of all-time?

What’s the fastest goal scored in the FA Cup?

Non-league outfit Ashton United’s Gareth Morris holds the record for the fastest goal scored in the FA Cup according to the Telegraph, for an effort during a qualifying round in 2001 against Skelmersdale United. The lack of video footage leaves its inclusion up in the air, but it gets the benefit of the doubt, for the love of the cup.