What size do fibro sheets come in?

15mm/18mm/24mm Compressed Fibre Cement Sheeting – Fibre Cement Products – Building Products.

When fixing eaves sheeting A frame can have a maximum bow of 3mm to 4 mm over what length?

The maximum misalignment should not exceed 4mm over 3000mm, 3mm over 1200mm or 2mm over 600mm, when checked both horizontally and vertically.

What size do eave sheets come in?

A smooth, flat, square edged sheet that is produced in the most common widths for eaves overhangs. HardieFlex eaves sizes are 2400 mm long in the following widths: 450, 600 and 750 mm. For eaves or soffits wider than 750mm HardieFlex cladding can be used. HardieFlex cladding comes in 900 and 1200 mm widths.

What size is Blueboard?

Product Description

Length mm
Thickness mm Width mm 2725
7.5 900 x
1200 x

What is the size of HardiFlex?

Standard Sheets Size

Sheet Thickness
Dimension (Length x width) 4.5mm 9.0mm
2440mm x 1220mm (8ft x 4ft)
3660mm x 1220mm *

What material is used under eaves?

Roof overhangs, also known as eaves, can be finished in a number of materials—including PVC, wood, or aluminum. They can add a unique touch to a home exterior and are often a critical part of effective roof venting.

How far can a soffit span?

One factor is the maximum permissible span of the soffit material. Soffits usually range from 16 to 24 inches wide. For instance, CertainTeed Ironmax soffits may span 24 inches without additional nailing strips, if permitted by code rules.

How much is a sheet of soffit?

Cost of Aluminum Soffit

Aluminum Soffit Costs Zip Code
Basic Best
Installation Cost $252.00 – $384.00 $504.00 – $648.00
Total $372.00 – $576.00 $744.00 – $984.00
Aluminum Soffit – Total Average Cost per square foot $3.95 $7.20

What material is used for Eves?

How much is a sheet of Blueboard?

Blue Board Prices Blue board drywall costs $12 to $15 per panel.

How heavy is a sheet of Blueboard?

around 11kg per square metre
Blueboard is an autoclaved cellulose fibre reinforced cement sheet. It is termite and moisture resistant and will not rot or rust. Sheet thickness is 7.5mm which weighs around 11kg per square metre.

How much does a BGC fibre sheet cost?

BGC ITEM CODE BARCODE NUMBER SHEET SIZE SPARK PRICE (m2) ex GST SPARK PRICE PER SHEET Spark Price DGVW93012 9330104008093 3000 x 1200 $29.99 $107.95 DGVW927512 9330104008086 2750 x 1200 $29.99 $98.97 DGVW924512 9330104008079 2450 x 1200 $29.99 $88.16 DURAGROOVE WOODGRAIN BGC ITEM CODE BARCODE NUMBER

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How big is 15mm fibre cement sheeting?

15mm/18mm/24mm Compressed Fibre Cement Sheeting. 4.5mm Fibre Cement. 6.0mm Fibre Cement. 7.5mm Blueboard. 15mm / 18mm / 24mm Fibre Cement. Fibre Cement Cladding. Fibre Cement Joiners & Accessories. Fibre Cement Structural Flooring. Tile Underlay.

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