What was Papa Midnite Constantine?

Film. The character Papa Midnite, portrayed by Djimon Hounsou, appears in the film Constantine. He is a former witch-doctor who once fought against Hell.

What are Papa Midnite powers?

Voodoo: Papa Midnite possesses the ability to wield a vast array of mystical effects. His powers are rooted in the traditions of the Vodoun religion.

Who plays Papa’s Midnite?

Michael James ShawConstantine
Midnite/Voiced by

This article is about Papa Midnite from the TV Series. You may be looking for Papa Midnite from the movie. Papa Midnite is an immortal voodoo king and occasional enemy of John Constantine. He is portrayed by Michael James Shaw.

What is the chair in Constantine?

electric chair
The electric chair was a device used as a means of execution at the Sing Sing maximum security prison in New York. It is said that his particular item saw more than three-hundred executions. The voodoo practitioner Papa Midnite acquired the chair at an auction and had it relocated to his Midnight Club in Manhattan.

Who killed Chas in Constantine?

John and Chas work together to exorcise Mammon from the body of Angela Dodson, but Chas is killed by Gabriel afterwards. In the after-credits scene it’s revealed he has become an angel.

What does the ending of Constantine mean?

Constantine explains to Angela that he can see the true nature of the half-breeds. He committed suicide to escape his visions as a teenager and his soul was sent to Hell, but he was revived by paramedics two minutes later; for the sin of taking his own life, his soul is still condemned to go to Hell once he dies.

Is Chas Chandler immortal?

In the Constantine TV series, Chas Chandler is played by Charles Halford. Because of this, Chas is not immortal but can die 47 times.

What happened to Gabriel at the end of Constantine?

Gabriel’s wings were burnt off by Lucifer at the climax of the film thus making him human. It was mentioned that he and Balthazar had made a deal in which Gabriel would grant Balthazar resurrection, and in return, Balthazar would serve him.

When did Papa Midnite first appear in Constantine?

It was here that Midnite’s powers grew and from here his empire would grow. Papa Midnite appeared in Constantine’s very first issue, Hellblazer #1 dated January 1988. He was created by series writer Jamie Delano and first drawn by artist John Ridgway.

Who is Papa Midnite in the New 52?

Papa Midnite returned as a villain (possible ally) of Constantine in the New 52 Constantine series, starting with issue #4. He tracks down and tortures John Constantine after he steals his Sounding Skull, however John manages to convince Midnite to join him against The Cult of the Cold Flame.

Who is Linton Midnite in the Constantine Comics?

Linton Midnite is a powerful voodoo priest and sorcerer. He leads a brutally violent street gang and is covenanted as the most deadly sorcerer in all of Manhattan. Midnite is both, a sometime ally and enemy of John Constantine.

When did Papa Midnite return to the DC Universe?

Papa Midnite returned to the DC Universe in the comic book The Hellblazer: Rebirth that was part of the DC Rebirth, a relaunch to return famous DC stories and characters from before the New 52 back into the reboot. Papa Midnite was one of the few Hellblazer characters besides Constantine, Chas Chandler and Mercury to be included in the DC Universe.