What words have a long a sound?

See below for some English words with a long A sound that begin with A:

  • aim.
  • ail.
  • aid.
  • able.
  • acorn.
  • apron.
  • agent.
  • aphid.

Is EA short or long sound?

Vowel team ea is pronounced with the long e as in seat AND short e as in head. Sort the Spelling Words by the vowel team /ea/ sounds.

What are the words with EA?

Study the word list: ea words – set 1

reach The higher shelf is out of my reach.
teach They’ll teach us to abseil at the rock-climbing club.
deal His manner conveyed a great deal of arrogance.
heal My arm took a long time to heal.
cream I often have ice cream for dessert.

What is the long sound of a?

English Pronunciation, Lesson 15 The long A sound (IPA symbol: e ) can be found in English words such as: pray, may, take, date, weight, gain, and rain.

Is drank a Long A or short A?

1) When there is only one vowel in a word, the vowel usually does not say its name, the vowel is called short, as in: drink, sip, walk, log, dark, limb, with, will, soft, wet, trunk, match. These words should have short vowels but instead they have long vowels: paste, waste, taste, haste, tangle, strange, stranger.

Is cake a long or short vowel?

The long vowel sound is the same as the name of the vowel itself. Follow these rules: Long A sound is AY as in cake.

What words have a long a sound spelled?

The long A sound appears in English words such as play, eight, and trade . It is important to understand this sound and pronounce it correctly. Learn how to correctly pronounce the long A sound with these explanations, videos and exercises.

What words have a long i sound?

The words are pipe, rhino, ice cream, kite, iris, iron, pliers, ivy, icicle, island . Circle the correct spelling of the words that have a long i sound, and then color the picture of the word. The words are ice, ivy, iris, eye, island, idea, icicle, nine, lion, iron.

What words have a short e sound spelled ea?

Listen to the short e sound: (short e). It’s the sound in the word bed. An example of a word spelled ea and pronounced with a long e sound is the word team, t-e-a-m . An example of a word spelled ea that is pronounced with a short e sound is head, h-e-a-d.

What are some words with the long e sound?

“Long e” is spelled ie in several common words: believe, belief, brief, chief, field, niece, priest, siege, achieve, piece. Follett wrote The Key to Rebecca. The ey spelling for “long e” is not common in one-syllable words.