When did the Remember Me game come out?

Remember Me is an action-adventure video game developed by Dontnod Entertainment and published by Capcom. It was released worldwide in June 2013 for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. The game’s plot focuses on Nilin, a memory hunter working for an underground

How is Remember Me played in third person?

The game is played as Nilin from a third-person view and introduces the mechanic of memory remixing: entering and rearranging a target’s memories to manipulate them. Players accomplish this by replaying a memory and modifying details to change the target’s recollection of the outcome.

Who is Nilin in Remember Me PS3?

Speculative, stunning vision of our future – Discover Neo-Paris 2084, where augmented reality and memory digitization have taken control of people’s lives. Play as Nilin, an elite memory hunter with a clouded past – Become the most wanted memory hunter in Neo-Paris and experience the power to break into people’s minds to steal their memories.

What was the influence of the game Remember Me?

Remember Me was considered to be the digital view of human identity compared to Dontnod’s Life Is Strange, its analogue counterpart. The game was influenced by classic cyberpunk anime such as Akira and Ghost in the Shell, and one of the literary works referenced in the game is George Orwell ‘s novel Nineteen Eighty-Four.

Who is Nilin in the game Remember Me?

Remember Me™ is a 3rd person action adventure where players take on the role of Nilin, a former elite memory hunter with the ability to break into people’s minds and steal or even alter their memories. The authorities, fearful of her knowledge and capabilities arrested Nilin and wiped her memory clean.

What to do in Remember Me Combo Lab?

A balanced mix of combat and exploration – Fight your way through the different environments Neo-Paris has to offer, using Nilin’s proficiency in martial arts, as both hunter and prey! Combo Lab – Remember Me allow players to fully customise the combos Nilin uses during the game.

What was the inspiration for the game Remember Me?

The game’s theme was inspired by the social network sites that abound in the modern world, with Facebook, Tumblr and Twitter cited as examples. Moris explained that while some elements looked fantastical, the game was grounded in the real world in terms of how social networking might evolve over the coming decades.

Who are the main characters in Remember Me?

The game’s plot focuses on Nilin, a memory hunter working for an underground resistance called the Errorists. When the game starts, she has been stripped of nearly all her memories by megacorporation Memorize. With the help of a mysterious man named Edge, she goes on a quest to bring down Memorize and recover her lost memories.