Which is the best JSON API for rails?

Fast JSON API is a gem you can install in your project. It is one of many gems that you can use. Fast JSON API gives us a new rails generator, serializer, which allows you to quickly create a serializer class. You will need a serializer class for each model, for which you have data you want to serialize.

Can a rails app be used as an API?

Even though it’s not primarily used to build APIs, it most certainly can be. In fact, Rails provides an “API mode”, where the initially created app only loads the necessary components to run an API — no view rendering, for example — to save resources. Of course, you can run a regular web app and an API at the same time.

How to create a JSON generator in rails?

Rails will automatically inspect the table to see what columns are defined on it and make those columns available; no configuration is needed. The generator also created a few test files in the test/ directory, but we’ll ignore those for the sake of this tutorial. Now let’s set up the model for a dish itself.

What can I use rails for instead of HTML?

Instead of using Rails to generate HTML that communicates with the server through forms and links, many developers are treating their web application as just an API client delivered as HTML with JavaScript that consumes a JSON API.

When to use respond to and respond to in rails?

If you want to return different information for different formats, you have a few options. The controller-level respond_to combined with respond_with is a great way to get short controllers. But it tends to help the most when all of your controller actions respond to the same format, and act in the way Rails expects them to.

How to pass format when calling action in rails?

Rails will render an empty string for all formats that don’t specify a response explicitly. as rubymaverick and nachocab suggested, you can also pass :format when calling your action, eg:

When to use respond to in Ajax or non Ajax?

So if your action is being called both by BOTH ajax,non-ajax call,its good to use respond_to. Remember, format blocks set the response’s content type. This can present problems when handling errors.