Who was Guillaume Du Fay and when did he die?

(June 2015) ( Learn how and when to remove this template message) Guillaume Du Fay ( / djuːˈfaɪ / dew-FY, French: [dy fa (j)i]; also Dufay, Du Fayt; 5 August, c. 1397 – 27 November 1474) was a Franco-Flemish composer of the early Renaissance.

When did Guillaume Du Fay write his Requiem Mass?

He also wrote a Requiem mass around 1460, which is lost. After an illness of several weeks, Du Fay died on 27 November 1474. He had requested that his motet Ave regina celorum be sung for him as he died, with pleas for mercy interpolated between verses of the antiphon, but time was insufficient for this to be arranged.

Where did Eugene du Fay live in Florence?

In 1436 Du Fay composed the festive motet Nuper rosarum flores, one of his most famous compositions, dedicated to and performed at the cathedral of Santa Maria del Fiore in Florence, featuring Filippo Brunelleschi ‘s renowned dome. Eugene at this time lived in exile at the nearby church of Santa Maria Novella.

What are some compositions by Dufay and Guillaume?

Compositions by: Dufay, Guillaume 1 Dieu, gard la bone sans reprise 2 Dona gentile 3 Dona i ardenti 4 Donnés I’assault 5 Les douleurs dont me sens tel somme 6 Du tout m’estoye abandonné 7 Départes vous male bouche More

What kind of music did Guillaume Du Fay compose?

Regarded as the leading European composer by his contemporaries, his music was widely performed and copied. Du Fay held various music positions during his lifetime, and was associated with the Burgundian School as well as among the first composers of, or at least a predecessor to, the Franco-Flemish School.

What did Guillaume Dufay do for the Feast of the pheasant?

Guillaume Dufay. For the brilliant Feast of the Pheasant, held in 1454 by Philip the Good of Burgundy and intended to initiate a Crusade to recapture Jerusalem, Dufay composed a lamentation for the church in Constantinople (now Istanbul ).

When was Nuper rosarum flores by Guillaume Dufay created?

This feature is not available right now. Please try again later. Nuper Rosarum Flores (“Recently Flowers of Roses/The Rose Blossoms Recently”), is a motet composed by Guillaume Dufay for the 25 March 1436 consecration of the Florence cathedral, on the occasion of the completion of the dome built under the instructions of Filippo Brunelleschi.