Who won the 2000 election in America?

Numbers indicate the electoral votes won by each candidate. The 2000 United States elections were held on November 7, 2000. Republican Governor George W. Bush of Texas defeated Democratic Vice President Al Gore of Tennessee in the presidential election.

How many votes did Pat Buchanan get in Florida in 2000?

Butterfly ballot controversy In Palm Beach County, Florida, Buchanan received 3,407 votes—which some saw as inconsistent with Palm Beach County’s liberal leanings, its large Jewish population and his showing in the rest of the state.

Who designed the butterfly ballot in Florida?

Theresa LePore is a former Supervisor of Elections for Palm Beach County, Florida. She designed the infamous “butterfly ballot” used in the 2000 presidential election. This would lead the press to nickname her “Madame Butterfly”.

Where did Pat Buchanan go to college?

Gonzaga College High School
Georgetown UniversityColumbia UniversityColumbia University Graduate School of JournalismGonzaga High School
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Who invented the butterfly ballot?

Who was the Green Party nominee for president in 2000?

Green party nominee Ralph Nader had his best performance here in 2000, obtaining over 10% of the vote. Al Gore received 28% of the vote.

What was the controversy in the 2000 recount?

During the recount, controversy ensued with the discovery of various irregularities that had occurred in the voting process in several counties. Among these was the Palm Beach “butterfly ballot”, which resulted in an unusually high number of votes for Reform Party candidate Pat Buchanan.

Who was the Governor of Colorado in 2000?

Colorado was won by Governor George W. Bush by an 8.36% margin of victory. Almost 7% voted for a third-party candidate. Bush won a majority of the counties and congressional districts.