Why is bp Kwinana closing?

The company said that the refinery is no longer economically feasible due to the regional oversupply and continuous lower refining margins. After exploring various options for the refinery’s future, it made the decision to go ahead with the conversion of the facility to an import terminal.

How many oil refineries are there in Western Australia?

Ending fuel production at BP’s Kwinana oil refinery in Western Australia will leave Australia with only three operating refineries and further increase the country’s imports dependency.

How many bp refineries are there in Australia?

Australian refineries Australia currently has four fuel refineries that commenced operation between 1949 and 1965 (see Table 1).

Where are Australian oil refineries located?

Meanwhile, Australian fuel giant Ampol, which owns an oil refinery in Brisbane — one of the last two remaining in Australia (with the other being Viva Energy’s oil refinery in Geelong, Victoria) — is reviewing whether to keep its refinery open or convert it into a fuel import terminal, too.

Where are BP refineries?

bp refines, transports, sells and trades crude oil and petroleum products. bp currently operates large, modern refineries in Cherry Point, Washington; Whiting, Indiana; and Toledo, Ohio.

When did Ampol become Caltex?

May 1995
TWO GIANTS COME TOGETHER. In May 1995, Ampol and Caltex merged petroleum refining and marketing assets to form Australian Petroleum Pty Ltd which, in 1997, became Caltex Petroleum Australia Ltd, the largest refiner-marketer in Australia. The company now housed three iconic brands: Ampol, Caltex and Golden Fleece.

Why are Australian refineries closing?

One of the principal reasons is that the refineries are importing around 70% of their crude, and some of that from long distances.

Is petrol made in Australia?

Australia is currently dependent on imports for more than 90% of its fuel needs. The crude oil comes from the Middle East and is processed at refineries in South Korea, China and Singapore. It is then shipped to Australia as diesel, aviation fuel and petrol.

How much oil does Australia have left?

Summary Table

Barrels Global Rank
Oil Reserves 1,193,000,000 38th in the world

Is there a fuel refinery in Australia?

Australia’s refineries presently supply around 95 per cent of petroleum product required by the Australian retail market. The remaining five per cent is imported and purchased largely by the growing number of independent retailers.

Why was the BP refinery in Perth Australia closed?

BP on Friday announced it would close its 65-year-old Kwinana refinery in Perth and convert the site into a fuel import terminal, saying the refining business was no longer economically viable. BP has announced the closure of one of Australia’s four remaining oil refineries.

How many BP employees are there in Australia?

Being part of the bp group enables bp in Australia to share global expertise, research and development with Australian business partners, customers and community stakeholders. We employ more than 5,700 employees and long-term contractors across Australia.

Why did two BP workers get injured in Kwinana?

Two workers have been injured in an apparent machinery malfunction at BP’s Kwinana Refinery this morning. A BP spokesman said while it was too early to determine the cause of the “incident”, it was “isolated and under control”.

How many people work at BP Kwinana Refinery?

The refinery currently employs around 650 people between permanent staff and contractors, and will employ around 60 once the import terminal is completed. BP Australia Head of Country Frederic Baudry said the decision had been difficult, and came in response to ‘long-term structural changes’ in the Asia and Middle East markets.