Will MARATHON DES SABLES happen in 2021?

The 35th MARATHON DES SABLES is organized by ATLANTIDE ORGANISATION Internationale and will take place from 01 to 11 October 2021 in southern Morocco. This 35th annual event will take place under the aegis of the MOROCCAN MINISTRY OF TOURISM and will bring together around 1 200 French and foreign participants.

Has anyone died doing MARATHON DES SABLES?

Do people die in the Marathon Des Sables? Despite being the hardest race in the world. Highly unlikely. Only 2 people have ever died running the MDS.

How much does it cost to enter the MARATHON DES SABLES?

MARATHON DES SABLES: OCTOBER 1-11, 2021 Entry is available on-line via the official MDS website: www.MarathonDesSables.com The entry fee of 3,270 Euros is payable via wire transfer directly to the Head Office in France. It is important to know that the entry fee DOES NOT include airfare.

How difficult is the MARATHON DES SABLES?

In a nutshell, MdS isn’t the toughest race around, but it is an absolutely blast. If you don’t mind sand, blisters, pooping in a bag and being VERY HUNGRY. ‘In a nutshell, MdS isn’t the toughest race around, but it is an absolutely blast’ Photo Susie Chan (@Susie__Chan).

Has anyone survived the Sahara desert?

A marathon runner who faced a “long, agonising death” when he found himself lost in the desert was forced to drink urine and bat blood to survive. Determined Mauro Prosperi, was 39 years old when he took part in the 1994 Marathon des Sables – a gruelling six-day, 155-mile race through the Sahara.

How long is the MARATHON DES SABLES?

about 250 Km
The MARATHON DES SABLES is a foot race, open to runners and walkers, with several stages, free style, and with food self-sufficiency over a distance of about 250 Km.

How to train for the Marathon des Sables?

Because the MDS is such a long race, an ideal training build-up would last half a year and be divided into three major training blocks called base/endurance building, race-specific training, and peaking/tapering.

When is the 35th Marathon des Sables in Morocco?

POSTPONEMENT OF THE 35th MARATHON DES SABLES FROM 18 TO 28 SEPTEMBER 2020 – More informations HERE 35th edition September 18 to 28, 2020 250 km in 7 days Are you ready ? Moroccan Sahara 19°11:29 J – 159 35thedition ~ from 18 to 28 September 2020 ~ 250 km in 7 days Moroccan Sahara Sign in to 2020 Already registered 1000 participants

Who is the official representative of the Marathon des Sables?

Dreamchasers is the official representative of the Marathon Des Sables for individuals who reside in the USA. If you are not a resident of one of the USA, please contact the race organizers via their website: OFFICIAL MDS SITE. There are no ‘qualifying’ requirements to enter the Marathon Des Sables.

Is the Marathon des Sables on hold for 2021?

REGISTRATION FOR THE 2021 MDS: Registration for the 2021 Marathon Des Sables is on hold until the Head Office receives updates from those who were registered for the April dates.