Are there any slogans to say no to firecrackers?

Crackers are of no use, they are just environment abuse. Pollution free Diwali, brings everywhere Khush-hali. There is nothing whacker than a lowdy cracker. Your planet needs you. Say no to fireworks & fumes. This Diwali. Only Diyas, No fireworks. Let’s not forget our nature this Diwali, Celebrate an eco-friendly Diwali

When was Say No to crackers rally held?

Students participate in a rally organized by the Jignyasa Trust in Thane on October 26, 2008 to help people say no to Diwali crackers that cause air pollution. (Photo/Anil Shinde) (BCCL) Read Less

Where can I get a free slogan generator?

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Are there any catchy slogans for noise pollution?

Below are the 90 Catchy slogans on noise pollution. Share them with your friends. For real man, turn it down….!!! Can you hear me now? Air and water pollution spoils the health – Noise too!

What are some good catchy slogans for Education?

Here are catchy Education Slogans for your Inspiration -The significance of education can likewise be comprehended from the way that education chooses the conduct of people towards creatures. – Education is the ray of light that can lighten up the whole world. –Curiosity is the sole precursor to education.

What are some slogans that say no to child labour?

Raise your hand to get child labour banned. Say no to child labour yes to education. Say yes to quality education against the child labour violation. Send your kids to classes, but not to wash tea glasses. Show a child love and care, child labour is just not fair.

How to write catchy slogans for your product?

Your product or your Service is Your Slogan. if you write well and Prominent Word. But the question is arise that how to write well. We Give You 103+ Education Slogans Ideas That help you to Find Exact Punchline or Slogan that Boost your admissions. But Here are Some Tips that Can Help you. 10 Killer Tactics To Write Catchy Slogans for Education.