Are vessel screwdrivers JIS?

After World War II, Vessel was the first and original (JIS) Japanese Industrial Standard certified manufacturer of screwdrivers in Japan.

What is a JIS screwdriver?

JIS – or Japanese Industry Standard – is a Pacific Rim standard used for “Philips” (cross) type screwdrivers. Most people, professional mechanics included, don’t even know that such a thing exists. But every “Philips” screw on a Japanese vehicle is not a Philips screw at all, but a JIS screw.

What sizes are JIS screwdrivers?

JIS screwdrivers are available from sizes 000 to 0 (very small, precision-type screwdrivers for electronics) to 1 and 2 (more useful for motorcycles). Note that a JIS screwdriver will usually work on both a Phillips head and JIS screw, while a Phillips head will usually work only on a Phillips head screw.

Are Nepros screwdrivers JIS?

Nepros Wood Handle Screwdriver The shank goes through the handle to a steel end cap for the times that you need to whack on the fastener a little bit. The tips are hardened and well defined. The Phillips is not the JIS specific shape but is optimized for Japanese fasteners.

Where are vessel tools made?

With over 80 years of manufacturing experience in Japan, VESSEL used their technological expertise to design “ergonomic hand-fitting tools” for optimum comfort.

Is JIS better than Phillips?

JIS, or Japanese Industry Standard screws are just different enough in shape that Phillips drivers will not fit well and slip/strip them. The difference is in the leading angle of the point of the driver. Phillips bits have a larger angle and therefore don’t bottom out in the JIS screws, causing slippage.

Are JIS and pozidriv the same?

Japanese Industrial Standard has slightly different angles in each of the two axii of all four blades. Posidrive are easily identifiable by the four secondary hash marks between the flutes on the screw head. The JIS MAY, or MAY NOT have a single dot between two of the flutes.

Where are Nepros tools made?

Kyoto, Japan
Located in Kyoto, Japan, KTC has a strong heritage of innovation and service in the tool industry. Every Nepros tool comes with our assurance of quality and durability, and is covered by a lifetime warranty.

Where are Koken Tools made?

Welcome to Koken USA Ko-ken Tools is a fourth generation family owned and operated business in Japan, with 140+ employees. The focus of the business is entirely on Sockets and Socket wrenches. The entire manufacturing process is in-house at Ko-ken, from design, to cold forging, heat treat and plating.

What kind of drivers do JIS screwdrivers use?

Japanese Industrial Standard compliant. Drivers feature a magnetic head and a tip that grabs onto the screw. Unique driver sets are a exclusive! Made by Vessel, the originator of the JIS standard. Not just for Miatas. These drivers work on ANY Japanese screw in any car or motorcycle.

Where can I buy a Hozan JIS screwdriver?

I also bought a set of Hozan JIS drivers on amazon. They’re missing from this post due to how poor they look compared to the Vessels. They feel much like the $2 pack you can get at Harbor Freight while the Vessel feels like the finest screwdriver IN THE WORLD.

Which is the oldest screwdriver company in Japan?

These were the result – this fine set of Megadora screwdrivers from Vessel and a matching set of bits. Vessel is the oldest screwdriver company in Japan, according to the intartoobz, and apparently came up with the JIS standard many years ago.

What kind of screwdrivers do Harbor Freight Tools use?

Cushion Grip Screwdriver Set, 12 Pc. Cushion Grip Screwdriver Set, 12 Pc. Premium Screwdriver Set, 15 Pc. Premium Screwdriver Set, 15 Pc. Screwdriver Set, 22 Pc. Screwdriver Set, 22 Pc. Screwdriver Set, 32 Pc. Screwdriver Set, 32 Pc. Comfort Grip Screwdriver Set, 33 Pc. Comfort Grip Screwdriver Set, 33 Pc. Comfort Grip Screwdriver Set, 70 Pc.