Are virtuoso cards good?

yes, definitely worth it! the fw17 are my favourite decks right now. never felt such stock before, and the colour combination + design makes the whole deck very elegant, the best combination on the market for now (imho). as a side note, seriously look into cartamundi decks.

What are virtuoso playing cards made of?

The FW17 Virtuoso deck is proudly produced in the USA, crafted with paper mindfully sourced from sustainable forests, and is even printed with environmentally friendly water-based ink. In fact, our cards are so eco-friendly, they’re edible (we’re not kidding).

Who prints virtuoso playing cards?

The Virtuoso deck was produced in Q1 standard to ensure the highest quality possible. It is also exclusively printed on USPC’s web press. Each deck contains 52 cards and four advertising cards.

Who made virtuoso?

One of the biggest and most well-known names in the world of card flourishing is Virtuoso, or more commonly referred to as The Virts. Virtuoso, or “The Virts”, is a team from Singapore that began with co-founders Huron Low and Kevin Ho.

What are NOC cards?

The NOC Original Series by House of Playing Cards comes in SIX brilliant colors. Red, Blue, Yellow, Green, Purple and everyone’s favorite – Black! These playing cards are MARKED for suit – that’s right – you can tell if it’s clubs, hearts, spades, or diamonds just by reading the secret marking system on the back.

What are the best cards for Cardistry?

The 9 Best Playing Cards for Cardistry & Flourishes

  • Tally Ho No.
  • Monarchs.
  • Virtuoso.
  • Orbit V7.
  • MJM IZO.
  • Fournier.
  • Pulse Cardistry.
  • Jerry’s Nugget.

Who is the best Cardist in the world?

Dan and Dave Buck are household names in the cardistry world. They are also some of the most successful cardists around. The dextrous twins from San Diego, California, run a lifestyle brand and design company called Dan and Dave Industries.

Who was the first virtuoso?

The first virtuosos were individuals of substantial knowledge and learning (“great wits,” to quote one 17th-century clergyman). The word was then transferred to those skilled in the fine arts, and by the 18th century it had acquired its specific sense applied to musicians.

Are NOC cards good?

These playing cards are MARKED for suit – that’s right – you can tell if it’s clubs, hearts, spades, or diamonds just by reading the secret marking system on the back. The NOC’s have proven to be a top choice for workers, card collectors, and card enthusiasts.

Who invented NOC cards?

Alex Pandrea
Ultra Limited Edition Crafted in collaboration with Alex Pandrea, creator of the NOC brand, with a custom Ace of Spades, Joker, package, and sticker seal exclusive to this edition. The deck itself features an all-black, ultra-thin border back design… with a hidden secret contained within.

Are theory 11 cards good?

They’re excellent quality, to be sure. But the design of the card backs tends to be a mono-coloured design. Card quality: All Theory11 decks of playing cards are printed by the United States Playing Card Company, at their highest level of quality.

Who created cardistry?

Chris Kenner makes the magic happen. Not only is he a card flourisher, coin magician, and author, but also he’s been David Copperfield’s producer for 22 years. Chris is also the inventor of the Sybil cut, which is one of the most well known and replicated flourishes ever created.

What makes a virtuoso playing card deck better?

Complementing the deck’s edge-to-edge back design, the new shards allow for fluid yet measured patterns, creating a beautiful balance between seamlessness and separation when you spread the cards. Basically, your fans instantly look bigger, bolder, and better.

When do the virtuoso cards go on sale?

. . Only 1 left in stock – order soon. . In stock on June 6, 2021. . Only 3 left in stock – order soon. . Only 5 left in stock – order soon. . Only 5 left in stock – order soon. . . . . . Elephant Playing Cards – Beautiful Deck of Cards with Free Card Game eBook, Hand Illustrated Poker Cards.

What kind of cards are in virtuoso Fall / Winter 2017?

The Virtuoso Fall/Winter 2017 Deck features double wraparound stripes with dual tones for delicious fanning. (And its Ace of Spades is pretty hot too!) You’ll be thrilled with its new indices, red accents, double color stripes, and gorgeous Queen.

Is the virtuoso Fall / Winter 2017 deck multi faceted?

With the Virtuoso Fall/Winter 2017 Deck’s new multi-faceted design, your springs connect more fluidly in three-dimensional space, all while maintaining a beautiful rhythm across the deck.