Can you smoke on any grill?

You most definitely can smoke meat on a gas grill! In fact, you can smoke whatever food you want on a grill. If you only have a trusty gas grill on your patio, but you’re craving that delicious flavor of smoked meat, no fear!

Can you smoke meat on a propane grill?

Propane grills aren’t just for burgers and steaks anymore. With a few tricks, you can mimic the indirect low and slow heat of a traditional smoker and produce quality cuts of slow-smoked barbecue. You can even use it for a simple turkey smoker.

How much does a Wilmington Grill cost?

Payment Methods

Wilmington Grill Smoker Wilmington Grill Warmer Rack Wilmington Grill Cape Master
Our Price: $179.99 Our Price: $149.99 Our Price: $2,499.98
Wilmington Grill Cape Hattaras 30″ Charcoal Grill Wilmington Grill Sideburner Wilmington Grill Cape Fear Deluxe
Our Price: $1,299.00 Our Price: $379.00 Our Price: $1,799.00

Are Wilmington grills good?

Every Wilmington Grill is made from the highest quality, heavy-gauge 304 stainless steel. We back it up with a lifetime warranty on our 304 Stainless Steel gas burners. Gas or charcoal, seasoned pitmaster or weekend warrior, every one of our grills are designed for years of high-quality grilling performance.

What happened to Holland Grill Company?

On June 14, 2019, Holland Grill closed its doors. Fans will continue to use this product, but the company is gone. It can be argued that the Holland Grill and its imitators are not traditional grills and that they functioned as a minor blip in the history of outdoor cooking.

How much is a Wilmington Grill?

Payment Methods

Wilmington Grill Drop In 30″ Wilmington Grill Smoker Wilmington Grill Cape Fear Traveler
Our Price: $1,699.00 Our Price: $179.99 Our Price: $699.00
Wilmington Grill Sideburner Wilmington Grill Cape Hattaras 36″ Charcoal Grill Wilmington Grill Warmer Rack
Our Price: $379.00 Our Price: $1,499.00 Our Price: $149.99

Should I soak my wood chips?

Depending on their size and the amount of air getting to the fire, they will burn that long, or even longer. If you soak chips in water for at least 30 minutes before adding them to the fire (no need to soak wood chunks), you will prolong their burn significantly and they will smolder more than flame.

What kind of gas grill does Wilmington Grill use?

Wilmington offers a variety of heavy duty gas grills with an industrial appearance, made in America from top quality 304 grade stainless steel. Cape Fear is their flagship model and it too is offered in several configurations. The Cape Fear Classic has two 20,000 BTU cast stainless steel round burners covered by a large V-shaped drip plate.

How to smoke meat on a gas grill?

1 Place your wood chunks or chips in a metal pan and set them directly over the flames on one side of the grill. 2 Preheat your gas grill by turning settings on burners to high and leaving them like that for twenty minutes. 3 Place the meat you are smoking on the grill opposite to the pan holding wood.

What’s the best temperature to smoke meat in a smoker?

Using too much wood can create excessive smoke and ash. Preheat the smoker to 225 degrees to 250 degrees Fahrenheit. I recommend you use at least one thermometer in addition to the one built into the smoker. This one you can place closer to the heat source.

Can you smoke anything on a Weber grill?

With this set up you can smoke just about anything on the Weber as long as it fits on the rack above the drip pan. Loading…