Do silicone sheets work for keloid?

Silicone sheeting and silicone ointments are both highly effective and safe methods for flattening and reducing the appearance of keloid and hypertrophic scars.

How do you use silicone gel sheets for keloids?

The instructions for use were to cover the scar overlapping the borders of the scar with at least 2cm. The sheet was to be applied three hours the first day and if there were no adverse reactions, application was to be prolonged for 1 to 2 hours each day until the sheet was worn 20 to 24 hours a day.

Does silicone gel reduce keloids?

Keloid Management Silicone gel sheeting has been shown in many studies to be efficacious in preventing the development of as well as reducing existing hypertrophic scars and keloids.

How long should you wear silicone scar sheets?

How long should I wear each ScarAway Silicone Scar Sheet? Each ScarAway Reusable Silicone Scar Sheet should be worn for a minimum of 12 and up to 23 hours per day, provided it is removed and the scar area and sheet are washed daily. The longer the silicone is in contact with your skin, the faster you may see results.

How does silicone help keloid scars?

[8,9] Silicon gel exerts several actions which may explain this benefit in scars: It increases hydration of stratum corneum and thereby facilitates regulation of fibroblast production and reduction in collagen production. It results into softer and flatter scar. It allows skin to “breathe”.

What causes a keloid scar on a silicone gel sheet?

Silicone Gel Sheets. Hypertrophic scars occur from poorly designed surgical wound closure, too much tension applied to a surgical wound closure, a wound infection, or partial- and full-thickness burns. Keloid scars result from an inherited metabolic alteration in collagen.

How are silicone gel sheets used for wound treatment?

Silicone Gel Sheets. Silicone gel sheets are soft wound covers composed of cross-linked polymers reinforced with or bonded to mesh or fabric. Indicated to prevent or improve the appearance of old and new hypertrophic and keloid scars.

Is it safe to use a silicone gel sheet?

Silicone gel sheets are contraindicated for use on patients with a silicone allergy or sensitivity.

How does a Silicone scar removal sheet work?

Our silicone sheets remove keloid, c-section, burns, and surgery scars, improving skin texture and appearance. It works by boosting cell rejuvenation and regeneration in worn areas. It means you get 2 months supply and can use these sheets day and night even while doing sport, under the clothes, and with no discomfort!