Does Togashi Yuuta have powers?

Plot. Yūta Togashi is a boy who, during junior high school, suffered from “chūnibyō”, believing that he possessed supernatural powers and calling himself the “Dark Flame Master”, therefore alienating himself from his classmates.

Where is yuuta Togashi from?

Tokyo, Japan
Yuta Togashi

Personal information
Place of birth Tokyo, Japan
Height 1.73 m (5 ft 8 in)
Position(s) Forward
Club information

How old is Yuuta?

Yuuta Togashi
Birthday July 7 (Cancer)
Age 15 (S1) 16 (S2) 17 (Movie)
Blood Type A
Height 170 cm (5’7″)

Do Rikka and Togashi get married?

Yes, the opening of Rikka Version stars with the chunibyo Rikka Takanashi marrying her love, the formerly delusional Yuta Togashi. However, the wedding is interrupted by their fellow chunibyo friend Sanae Dekomori, who tries to split them up.

Is shinka in love with yuuta?

While Yuuta initially admired her or even had a crush on her, after seeing her true colors, he’s disillusioned and becomes friends with Shinka instead. Despite her constant arguments and fights with Dekomori, Shinka really cares for her and vice versa.

Why is Rikka losing her powers?

Rikka realized that Yuuta wanted her to stop being a chuunibyou (happened in the 2nd season of the anime). This caused her to waver between the chuunibyou way of live and the real world and that manifest in her power growing weaker.

Do yuuta and Rikka stay together?

Yuuta finally realizes that he fell in love with Rikka because of her craziness, not in spite of it. So yes, love wins in the end and the two ride off into the sunset. Literally. That’s actually what happens.

Are yuuta and Rikka siblings?

Character Outline. Rikka Takanashi is a “chūnibyō patient” who enrolls in the same high school as Yuuta Togashi. She lives with Yuuta’s family with her older sister and a fellow classmate.

What does Yuuta Togashi’s name mean in Japanese?

Yuuta Togashi Name in Japanese 富樫 勇太 Romaji Translation Togashi Yuuta Debut ( Anime) Chuunibyou Demo Koi ga Shitai! Episode 0 Debut ( Light Novel) Chuunibyou Demo Koi Ga Shitai! Volume 1

Who is the voice actor for Yuuta Togashi?

Yuuta Togashi is the main male protagonist of the Japanese light novel series and anime, Chūnibyō Demo Koi ga Shitai!. He is voiced by Jun Fukuyama. In the English dub, he is voiced by Leraldo Anzaldua. Yuuta Togashi is a high school freshman and was once a “chūnibyō patient”.

Who is the Japanese football player Yuta Togashi?

Yuta Togashi (富樫 佑太, Togashi Yūta, born December 18, 1995) is a Japanese football player. He plays for FC Gifu. Updated to end of 2018 season.

Where does Yuuta Togashi go to high school?

He enrolled into Icho Private High School which is farther and is a different school from everyone else from his middle school. On the first day of school there, he befriended a girl named Rikka Takanashi , which he immediately came to regret due to her embarrassing chūnibyō antics.