Does Virginia National Guard pay for college?

Tuition assistance is paid directly to your school. Current school year maximum funding is up to $7,500.00 FY ($2,500.00 per semester) and $350 per semester for books.

Does National Guard get tuition assistance?

The National Guard supports your civilian educational dreams and goals, and can help you pay your tuition. Federal tuition assistance (FTA) (as opposed to those opportunities which may exist in your state) is available through GoArmyEd.

Does National Guard get free college?

In short, the Guard will cover college tuition, room and board (housing), as well as graduate school in certain cases. The National Guard supports tuition assistance, the Montgomery GI Bill, Post 9/11 GI Bill, Army National Guard Kicker, and also hosts scholarships related to higher education learning.

Do national guardsmen qualify for college payment benefits?

Members of the National Guard are eligible for tuition assistance. In addition each state may offer its National Guard members state funded education incentives based on state guidelines and eligibility (i.e. TA, waivers, exemptions, student loan repayment, etc.

How much does Air National Guard pay for college?

Can the Air Guard help me pay for college? Yes, Air Guard members can take advantage of the Montgomery GI Bill, which pays a monthly stipend of up to $362 per month toward college tuition and expenses. If you qualify, you can also receive the GI Bill Kicker, which could provide you with an additional $350 per month.

How many years do you have to serve in the National Guard?

eight years
How long is my commitment? Your total enlistment period will be eight years, but you can serve as little as three or six years, and spend the remainder in IRR Individual Ready Reserve (IRR).

How long do you serve in the Air National Guard?

The time commitment for a person who has never served in the military is six years. During this commitment, you will attend Basic Training and technical training full-time and spend the remaining part of your enlistment working part-time, one weekend a month and two weeks a year, at a minimum.

How much money do you make in the Air National Guard?

A typical airman first class salary at Air National Guard is $94,466 per year. Other roles at Air National Guard include security officer and customer service representative. A security officer at Air National Guard earns an average yearly salary of $24,220.

What are the educational benefits of the National Guard?

The most significant benefit of joining the National Guard is eligibility for education benefits. These benefits include the Montgomery GI Bill, which will help with tuition, and the Montgomery GI Bill Kicker, which covers additional college expenses, such as books and housing.

Does the National Guard pay for college?

The National Guard can potentially cover every single dollar of your college tuition. It does depend on what school you decide upon, however, the National Guard will commit up to $18,000 over four years. It averages approximately $4,500 per year based on the commitment. Aug 28 2019

What is GI Bill top up?

Top-Up is a program that allows GI Bill participants to use the GI Bill to supplement the tuition and fees not covered by tuition assistance.

What is Virginia state tuition assistance?

Virginia Tuition Assistance Grant (VTAG) The Virginia Tuition Assistance Grant (VTAG), funded by the Commonwealth of Virginia, provides grant assistance to degree-seeking undergraduate students who are bona fide Virginia residents and who enroll full-time during the regular academic year.