How did Mokou become immortal?

She gave the command to go to Yatsugatake where her older sister Iwanagahime handles immortality and unchangingness dwelt. As the two got further down, Mokou was finally possessed by the desire for immortality, so she murdered Iwakasa and stole it from him, consuming it and thus became immortal.

How strong is Fujiwara no Mokou?

She’s considered to be very powerful, given her long life, the power she earned through her life, and her immortal status since she can keep fighting until she can no longer stand the pain.

How old is Mokou?

Formerly an ordinary human, Mokou became an immortal being after drinking the Hourai Elixir about 1300 years ago.

What does Mokou mean?

From Japanese 喪 (Mo) meaning “mourning” and 凰 (Kou) meaning “female phoenix bird” or 妹 (Mo), meaning “(younger) sister” and 紅 (kou), meaning “scarlet.” A bearer of this name is Fujiwara no Mokou, a character from the Touhou Project.

Is kaguya immortal Touhou?

She was immortal, so therefore she was executed many times; this was impossible, so she instead was exiled to Earth and forced to live among filthy humans as punishment. She was found by a bamboo cutter and dwelt among the humans she had once despised.

How old is kaguya Houraisan?

Ageless, existed for at least 1300 years. Stated by ZUN (drunkenly) to be hundreds of millions of years old.

Who is the youngest Touhou character?

Chiyuri in Fan Culture Not counting Hieda no Akyu (who never appears in any game in the series) Chiyuri is thought to be the youngest character in any Touhou game whose actual age is known.

Why did Mokou drink the Hourai elixir?

Eirin notes that a Lunarian taking the elixir makes them impure due to being tempted by the removal of death and thus associating themselves with it. The backstory of the Hourai Elixir is that Eirin made the medicine on Kaguya’s request to drink it, resulting in her exile from the Moon.

Does patchouli have asthma?

Patchouli was born with asthma, for approximately 100 years. Patchouli is the only character so far to have a medical condition.

Who are keine and Mokou in the Touhou games?

Keine is friends with Mokou, she worries about Mokou’s health, visits her and they are often seen together in various images in the Touhou games. According to Akyuu, Keine has a connection to the Hieda family.

Why does Mokou choose not to socialize with humans?

Perhaps due to being ostracized for so long, Mokou is a loner by nature and chooses not to socialize with humans or youkai.

Who is the guardian of Fujiwara no Mokou?

Later, during the Extra Stage, Keine acted as guardian of Fujiwara no Mokou and attempts to stop the player from reaching and facing Mokou. Keine seems to have a strong desire to protect humans and would probably be the safest person in Gensokyo for any human to be around.

What did keine do in the Extra Stage?

After being defeated, Keine pointed the heroines toward the ones responsible for the fake moon in the sky. Later, during the Extra Stage, Keine acted as guardian of Fujiwara no Mokou and attempts to stop the player from reaching and facing Mokou.