How do I change my voicemail on my Cisco phone?

Manage Voicemail Greetings on a Cisco Phone

  1. Press the Services (globe icon) button on the phone.
  2. In the Services menu, select the Settings option.
  3. In the Settings menu, select the User Preferences option.
  4. In the User Preferences menu, select the Change Greeting option.

How do I set up Voicemail on Cisco Webex?

From your phone, you can: Record a personal greeting and change it at any time. Listen to, save, or delete your voicemail messages. Reset your voicemail PIN….Activate Your Voicemail Account.

1 From Webex Settings, select My Profile tab.
2 Click Change Voicemail PIN.
3 Enter your New Voicemail PIN within the requirements.

How do I set up out of office Voicemail on Cisco phone?

Creating and Setting an Out-of-Office Greeting

  1. From the main menu, press 4 for “Phone Manager/User Options”
  2. Press 1 for “Personal Options”
  3. Press 3 to “Record Personal Greeting”
  4. Press 3 to record and set your “Out-of-Office Greeting”
  5. The system will replay your current out-of-office recording.

How do I set up voicemail on my office phone?

To set up your voicemail:

  1. From another phone in your office dial your 10-digit phone number and press 1 for voicemail, press * to interrupt your greeting, and then enter your phone number followed by # key.
  2. Dial the company Voicemail System number then enter your phone number and follow the prompts.

How do I set up Voicemail on Cisco 7962?

To Enroll with Voicemail (first use) 1. Press the Messages button. 2. Enter the first time enrollment initial PIN = 97531, followed by #.

How do I access my Voicemail on Cisco?

Access Your Voicemail Using a Cisco Phone

  1. Press the “Messages” button (envelope icon).
  2. When you hear the audio prompt to enter your password, enter your phone/voicemail PIN followed by the # key.

How do I reset my Voicemail pin on a Cisco phone?

From Cisco Webex Settings, go to My Profile, click More , and choose Reset Voicemail PIN. You can reset your voicemail PIN on your phone.

How do I activate my VoiceMail?

Android Voicemail Set Up

  1. Tap the three dots (upper right corner of screen)
  2. Tap “settings”
  3. Tap “voicemail”
  4. Tap “advanced settings”
  5. Tap “setup.
  6. Tap “voicemail number.
  7. Enter your 10-digit phone number and Tap “OK.
  8. Tap the home key to return to the main menu.

How do I reset my voicemail pin on a Cisco phone?

How can I setup voicemail on my phone?

Start your phone up and launch the Phone app. Turn on your phone and tap the Phone app.

  • and then tap Settings.
  • tap Calls in the menu that appears.
  • How to configure voicemail?

    from the home screen select the Phone app.

  • you can set up voicemail by selecting the Phone app then pressing and holding the 1 key.
  • then select Done.
  • Select Default to use the default greeting.
  • How do I access my Cisco voicemail remotely?

    So here’s what you need to do. Dial the voicemail number or hit the message envelope button on your Cisco phone. During the system message, enter the “*” key Enter the 4 digit extension of the voicemail box you want to check followed by the “#” key. Enter the voicemail password Follow prompts to access your voicemail messages. and/or settings, etc.

    How to check a voicemail remotely?

    Remotely. Dial your home phone number.

  • Automatic Playback.
  • Mark a Message as “Heard” The red dot to the left of a voicemail indicates the voicemail is “unheard.” Click on this red dot to mark the voicemail as “heard.”